Saturday, April 07, 2007

Hundreds of Partners? No Problem! Say Bay Windows & EdgeBoston

Promiscuity as a way of life ... This recently appeared in EdgeBoston, a GLBT online publication, owned by the same people who bring us the extremist homosexual newspaper, Bay Windows:

Ask Angelo
Dear Angelo,
Are gay men more promiscuous than straight men?
Saints or Sinners

Angelo’s Response:
Dear Saints or Sinners,

I’ll let you and the readers decide this one. According to a 2004 ABC News: "Primetime Live" Poll: American Sex Survey, straight men report a median of 8 sexual partners in their lifetime. The median is the midpoint between the highest and lowest reports. It’s a more reliable measure than the average because it’s less skewed by extremes. While I wasn’t able to find any similar studies for gay men, anecdotally, I know some gay men have 8 sexual partners over a weekend in Palm Springs, Fire Island or Provincetown - heck, even right here in Chelsea!

Whatever the numbers are, be careful not to judge and categorize yourself, or any one else, as either a "saint" or a "sinner" (I bet you were raised Catholic). Many of us grew up with damaging, shameful religious views about sex. We have to free ourselves from such negative and limiting ideology. Things aren’t so black and white. I mean who defines what’s "promiscuous" and what’s "virtuous?" A colleague of mine once joked "’promiscuous’ only applies to someone that’s having more sex than you."

Having sex is a healthy part of being human. As long as you: know your HIV status and your partner’s, get tested for HIV antibodies every 3-6 months, protect yourself and your partner by having safe sex every time; And as long as you’re NOT: avoiding your intimacy fears, a sex addict, perpetrator or cheating - I don’t think it matters whether you sleep with 8, 80 or 800 people in your lifetime.

All The Best,

According to EdgeBoston, this sort of advice reaches ...
over 550,000 readers per month in major cities across the Northeast US ... [and] will offer readers a definitive resource for news and entertainment coverage. "The Bay Windows/EDGE connection strengthens two well-established, respected brands," said Bay Windows co-publisher Sue O'Connell. "We have some truly exciting plans for the next evolution of gay media." As part of the new partnership, Bay Windows has taken a substantial equity position in EDGE's corporation, and O'Connell as well as co-publisher Jeff Coakley will oversee a range of new marketing and advertising sales promotions.