Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Only 1.4% of Adults Homosexual?

While the homosexual community may not like Dr. Cameron, he's just reporting others' recent research (below) that only 1.4% of Canadians are homosexual. So don't believe that 10% lie! More likely, homosexuals probably comprise somewhere between 1-2% of our population. If such a small number is having such a powerful, huge and destructive impact on American society, how can they allege debilitating discrimination?

Canadian Research Suggests only 1.4% of Adults Homosexual
PHILADELPHIA, March 27, 2007 (LifeSiteNews.com) - According to two researchers, the largest random sex survey ever conducted has reported that only 1.4% of adults engaged in homosexual behavior. Analyzing a 2003 Canadian Community survey of 121,300 adults, Drs. Paul and Kirk Cameron told attendees of the Eastern Psychological Association Convention that 2% of 18-44 year olds, 1% of 50 year olds, and only a third of a percent of subjects 60+ considered themselves homosexual. Thus homosexual activity was much more common among younger adults. "What happened to the older homosexuals? Some may have ceased to be sexually active," said Paul Cameron, "or they may have died. Recent reports from Scandinavia indicate that the life expectancy of homosexuals is 20+ years shorter than that of heterosexuals."