Friday, April 13, 2007

Stem cells, test-tube babies, & paganism

"The prospect of all-female conception"
By Steve Connor, Science Editor

The Independent, 4-13-07
Women might soon be able to produce sperm in a development that could allow lesbian couples to have their own biological daughters, according to a pioneering study published today.
Scientists are seeking ethical permission to produce synthetic sperm cells from a woman's bone marrow tissue after showing that it possible to produce rudimentary sperm cells from male bone-marrow tissue. [read more...]

Musings from a MassResistance reader:

Gaia worshipers rejoice! Check this out! Weird science is erasing the need for men for human reproduction; this in turn will ultimately erase men from the planet. Voila! Brave New World.
How did we get here?

First we condone and accept divorce. This leads to looking the other way and giving wider acceptance to adultery, fornication, and homosexual relations. "Hell, they're gonna do it any way, so why not accept it. We shouldn't judge anyone else's lifestyle." ... So goes the relativist's reasoning.

Next comes acceptance of prophylactics, the pill, and birth control. But isn't this contrary to nature or God's will? ... "Now, now, don't get all preachy with me!"

Christians and Jews begin to embrace divorce (as opposed to marital maturity) as a legitimate answer to marital problems. "Gay-Lesbian-Transgender" groups see the opportunity to normalize their behaviors and begin seeking to legitimize their co-habitations as legal partnerships. Thank goodness for "no-fault" divorce making it all easier. What about the kids? no problem... "they're resilient... they'll adapt!" ...Right...

"Gee, why bother with marriage at all... let's all hook-up and shack up! It' better than getting a divorce; who are you to lecture me?" GLT's now seek legitimization as "married"couples.

Babies outside of marriage? No problem! There's no shame to this... After all, as a noted feminist once said, a dad is just a "sperm provider." They just take off sooner or later anyway. And there are great Social Services safety nets to help out.

Alternative #2. Just go visit Planned parenthood and "poof" ... no baby! ... In your ninth month? ... No problem! ... We'll just induce labor, kill and dismember the baby while it is in the birth canal. (OR ... you can always hook up with meth-heads who will help you abuse your baby to death.)

Too squeamish for that? Is your child in and out of Child/Family Service foster homes? Well then, give up your baby for adoption ... Lots of GLT couples out there wanting to adopt... Isn't a loving home better than no home or a series of foster homes inside the "system?" Let's not digress...

Now we reach the point where we can possibly create "female sperm"...

Let's see ... erotic Aphrodite was the "goddess" of love and lustful attractions, born from the foam of the sea. Now scientists are intent on "creating" (at the altar of Hermes, 'god of science') the goddess Hermaphrodite so that lesbian couples (followers of Sappho) can have babies! Even the most hard core, male-hating feminists should step back from this precipice.

What's next? "Male ova" from men's bone marrow for all those followers of Eros? How about: Stem-cell babies raised like farm catfish in special amniotic ponds? Science for the sake of science.

All noble Christian and Jewish believers might want to recognize this for what it is: creeping pagan god and goddess worship.

This is copyright infringement of the worst kind. Is anyone else weary of all of the pretending? ... whether it is this are phony manipulation of climate data for political purposes? Terrorists and anarchists are trying to blow up the world and we are interested in bizarre and unholy distractions.

It is time to pray earnestly for God to set His Kingdom aright on Earth.