Tuesday, April 03, 2007

GLBT Civil Disobedience Looming?

We read on CrazyToday ("The Return of Civil Disobedience?", 3-30-07) that the GLBT community is being urged by the elder spokesman of acting up, Larry Kramer of "ActUp", to engage in civil disobedience. Tom Lang of KnowThyNeighbor, who reveals Massachusetts the voter data information of marriage amendment signers, wrote:

I was fortunate enough to hear Larry Kramer's speech a few days ago. He is calling for all LGBT to immediately begin to "engage" in civil disobedience regarding all of our important issues. That is what I have gotten out of this NYC protest.

What got him and ACT UP fired up about was not Dont Ask Dont Tell but the fact that "homosexuals" were called "immoral." His reaction in the speech was that he cannot believe that LGBT organizations reacted with a "few press releases" and that was that. He is calling for the end of press events as the way to protest what this country is doing to us and to bring back civil disobedience on a large scale.

Whether it is trans rights, safe schools, HIV funding, marriage equality, hate crime bills, equal workplace protection...anyone, any government official, any organization that would oppose these efforts does it because they hate/fear/or believe it is their right to oppress LGBT. All of these issues are ALL of our issues and the LGBT community needs to unify immediately or we are DEAD.

Mark [of CrazyToday]
Okay - sounds good.

So watch for their "civil disobedience." Can't wait. Here's a "gay" newspaper report up on ActUp's recent demonstration in New York. Looks pretty feeble compared to the old days:

Nearly 30 people were arrested in an act of civil disobedience Thursday after 50 body bags were lined up on a New York City street to represent the number of people who die of AIDS complications every day. Venerable activist group ACT UP—AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power—commemorated its 20th anniversary by reenacting its first protest, which took place 20 years ago, also in New York City's financial district. Upward of 800 people showed up to march down Wall Street, calling out to health care providers and pharmaceutical companies.... [ACT UP is] lobbying for a nationalized, single-payer health care plan for all Americans.

In bed with socialists and communists -- no surprise.