Saturday, June 30, 2007

Mitt Romney, His Dog & His Wife

Everyone's up in arms over Mitt Romney's treatment of his dog back in the '80s: strapping him on the top of the family car for a 12-hour trip to their vacation home. The poor creature had a bout of diarrhea, due very possibly due to the undue stress of his travel circumstances. Why, we wonder, didn't he travel inside the car with the boys?

The Boston Globe has thrown a lot of dirt out there in the last seven days' series on Mitt, waiting to see what sticks. The pet-lover nation was aroused by Seamus the Dog's ordeal.

But we were struck (and noted earlier) that AMBITION seems to roll over people as well as dogs. Back in February, we noted that Ann Romney's diagnosis with multiple sclerosis made most puzzling Mitt's decision to go forward with his presidential run. MS is a lot more serious than a dog with diarrhea jitters. Why is no one commenting on it?

In the Globe's Friday Romney report, "Taking office while remaining an outsider," we read this:

Ann Romney's health was a factor in the decision [to run for Governor]. A day before returning to Massachusetts, she told a Globe reporter that she had reservations about the move [from Utah] because her multiple sclerosis symptoms had abated during three years in Utah. ''It's the one thing that's keeping us .....'' she said before her husband interjected: ''Careful. Hold it. Don't finish that sentence .....'' But she did, saying she had ''huge qualms because I've been healthy out here.'' The next day, March 17, the Romneys flew to Massachusetts, met at the airport by reporters and a Boston Herald poll that showed Romney crushing Swift by a 75 percent to 12 percent in a race for the GOP nomination.

Now we think MS is a lot more serious than a dog's travelling conditions.

The same Globe series also notes that after the 2004 rout of Republican state legislature candidates in Massachusetts, Romney told the Globe editorial board he was tired of trying to promote the Republican Party here. ''From now on, it's me-me-me,'' he said. ("Ambitious goals, shifting stances"). Of course the Globe didn't report that one reason the Republicans did so poorly in that state election is that Romney ordered that the issue of "gay marriage" not be brought up in the local campaigns!