Monday, June 25, 2007

CNN Joins Transsexual Propaganda Push

Right: Patrick Guerriero, former Mass. pol and now Executive Director of Gill Foundation's Action Fund, doling out millions in Massachusetts State House. On left: Arline Isaacson, chief GLBT lobbyist.

Below: Mara Keisling, "male-to-female" transsexual "personal mentor" of Patrick Guerriero, addressing trans rally at Harvard. [photo credits: InNews Weekly]

First we had ABC and Barbara Walters telling us that little children -- whose apparently unbalanced mothers give them (at the very earliest ages) haircuts, clothes, and toys of the opposite sex --are really "transgender" from birth. And last night on CNN, reporter Rick Sanchez hits us with another all-out assault on biological sexual reality. The dinner-hour show was chock full of fawning discussion of "transgenderism" and how people are born that way. (So how come every time we see one of these shows, we hear the mothers talk about how they encouraged their very young child in this bizarre direction?)

This is clearly part of a national media push to pass "transgender rights and hate crimes" bills, both at the federal and state levels. The Boston Globe magazine hit us on Easter Sunday with a piece on college girls removing their breasts. And Newsweek had a huge spread in May pushing transgender propaganda.

Reporter Sanchez interviewed a doctor from Children's Hospital in Los Angeles (Dr. Marvin Belzer) who subscribes to the Dr. Spack school of medicating "transgender" children prior to puberty in order to ease their sex change operations later. The report did mention that the American Academy of Pediatrics has no guidelines drawn up on this practice.

CNN also spoke with Mara Keisling (director of the National Center for Transgender Equality), a man dressing as a woman with his deep male voice intact. Why this person is given any credence is unimaginable. His challenge to biological reality and demands for special rights are over the top. But remember that Patrick Guerriero, recently spreading around the Gill Foundation millions in the Mass. State House, called Keisling his "personal mentor"! That is surely a sign that there will be ample funding to push for the passage of Bill #H1722, the "Transgender Rights and Hate Crimes" bill, currently in the Massachusetts legislature. Gov. Deval Patrick has pledged his support to whatever the transgender group demands.

From our posting on September 4, 2006:
A few months ago, while still head of the National Log Cabin Republicans, Guerriero signaled his commitment to the trans cause, and named the "male-to-female" leader of the National Center for Transgender Equality as his "personal mentor": Coalitions with choice and environmental groups and hot button issues like the Schiavo matter represent an evolution in Log Cabin strategy. So too is a stronger focus on transgender rights that Guerriero has introduced in Log Cabin since he took over in 2002. “I have actually brought a level of discussion of that issue to the organization over the past couple of years,” he explained, saying that Mara Keisling, executive director of the National Center for Transgender Equality, has served as “a personal mentor” to him.“I think we need us all to move forward and we should be wary of leaving anyone behind,” Guerriero said.

Is the American public really buying this trans propaganda? How can the reporters buy into this? Do transgenders throw really good parties, or what?

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