Sunday, June 17, 2007

Another Video on Romney's Pro-Choice Stance has another good report on Romney's posturing as a pro-life candidate:

Youtube Video Questions Romney’s Pro-Life Conversion Story: Romney said he was "absolutely committed" towards keeping pro-abortion laws, six months after his alleged pro-life conversion

ALEXANDRIA, Va., June 15, 2007 ( — While presidential candidate Mitt Romney is appearing today at a National Right to Life Conference, a new YouTube video released a few days ago appears to show that Romney's alleged pro-life conversion story is chronologically false and misleading. (See: ... Read more.

Earlier, LifeSite News issued The Romney Report: An Analysis of Republican Mitt Romney’s Legacy on Life and Family and The Romney Report: Part II. One of our pet peeves with Romney is his "federalist" approach on abortion, i.e. that it's OK for each state to decide whether or not it will allow abortions. From LifeSite's Romney Report:

However Romney’s “federalist approach” has been criticized as more of an “anti-Roe” position, rather than the position of a leader championing pro-life federal laws. Romney again reiterated his “federalist approach” in a Feb. 10 interview with the National Journal in which he declined to go on the record to support the Human Life Amendment, a key feature of the Republican Party platform since 1980 ...