Sunday, June 24, 2007

Time to Get Married?

Is there a "husband" in the house? Bay Windows reports that MassEquality director Marc Solomon may be in the "marrying" mode. The party crowd at the Club Cafe, celebrating their victory for sodomy on June 14, are planning to give Mr. Solomon a little help finding Mr. Right.

May we suggest some of the eligible bachelors in the State House? There are some cute aides in Senate President Murray's office. And what about those (RINO) legislators who've otherwise inexplicably voted solidly for "gay marriage"? But seriously, this brings up the question -- Why are so few of the stars of the homosexual lobby "married"?

From Bay Windows:
Meanwhile, MassEquality threw its own after party at Club Café. ... By the time the newscast ended most of the marriage equality advocates had arrived, along with many of the lawmakers who helped organize the ConCon victory including Sens. Barrios, Stan Rosenberg and Bob Havern and Reps. Festa, Byron Rushing and Barbara L’Italien. Gathering in the back room of Club Café, the crowd listened as Solomon praised each of the members of MassEquality’s leadership team and the key lawmakers in attendance for the role they played in defeating the amendment.

The mood of the party was festive, loose and more than a bit lubricated by the ample drinks flowing from the bar. But during the round of speeches in the back room MassEquality political director Matt McTighe had a serious message for the crowd, which he delivered after one member of the audience shouted at him to take off his shirt (McTighe declined). McTighe warned the crowd that “the fight isn’t over.” He continued, “Now that the right to marry is protected, we have to find Marc Solomon a husband.”

Isn't that sweet?
[photo credit: InNews Weekly]