Wednesday, June 06, 2007

"GLBT Holocaust Commemoration" Tonight

Tonight, the Boston Pride festival held its "GLBT Holocaust commemoration" as part of their week-long bacchanal. We doubt they were handing out copies of The Pink Swastika -- because it debunks the "gay" myth that homosexuals were a major target of the Nazis in the same manner as the Jews and Gypsies. The commemoration was at Boston's Holocaust Memorial near Faneuil Hall, close by lots of great bars.

See Scott Lively & Kevin Abrams, The Pink Swastika (available online). From their Preface:

[The book contradicts] the common portrayal of homosexuals as exclusively victims of the Nazi regime. For this reason we were scrupulous in our documentation of homosexuals as the true inventors of Nazism and the guiding force behind many Nazi atrocities. We purposefully drew heavily upon homosexual writers and historians for our source material and used direct quotations from their writings whenever possible. The remainder of our sources are primarily mainstream historians of the Nazi era. ...

In the [pre-"politically-correct"] 1960s, Nazi homosexuality was so widely acknowledged in America (at least among the “social elites”) that the portrayal of Nazi thugs as homosexual was a frequent occurrence in Hollywood movies. One of the best examples is in Exodus (United Artists, 1960), the film adaptation of the Leon Uris novel about the creation of the State of Israel after World War II. In the film, actor Sal Mineo, playing a young man attempting to join the Irgun (the Jewish underground movement), fails to convince Irgun leaders that he is a genuine Nazi concentration camp survivor. Finally they are convinced — only when he breaks down and confesses that the Nazi guards “used me as a woman.” To the Irgun, this was definitive proof that he had been a Nazi prisoner.

Allen Ginsberg, the homosexual “beat” poet was asked by a Justice of the Supreme Court in 1966 (during an obscenity trial related to the book Naked Lunch, by William Borroughs) whether at “some time in the future there will be a political party, for instance, made up of homosexuals.” Ginsberg replied, saying “this has already happened in a sense -- or of sex perverts -- and we can point to Hitler, Germany under Hitler” (The New York Times, August 10, 1997).

These are but two examples which reveal the extent to which homosexuality was openly associated with Nazism in the past.