Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Unannounced Hearing at State House on Second Amendment Rights

And yes, these are rights specifically named in our U.S. Constitution (not phony "rights"): the right to possess and bear arms. But in Massachusetts, they keep chipping away at these rights.

And here's just another example of the total lack of transparency at our State House... There's a web page that announces hearings several days in advance. Well, some times it does, and sometimes it doesn't. Today, we found out from a friend in the State House that the Judiciary Committee would be holding a last-minute hearing this Thursday at 1:00. (But it's not included on the web page for Thursday's hearings.) If you care about your Second Amendment rights, check out the Gun Owners' Action League of Mass. web site, with more information about the bills to be heard Thursday:

Gun Owners' Action League was informed on Tuesday afternoon that the Joint Committee on the Judiciary is going to hold a public hearing on Thursday, June 21, 2007 at 1:00 pm in room A-1. There are several bills of interest that will be heard, including the Governor's H3991. (There is currently no online version of this bill available so we are forced to use what was in the original press release.)

GOAL urges all our members to immediately contact their legislators and ask them to oppose the
Governor's H3991. It is very important to tell your legislators that the Governor has already stated that he has no evidence to support restricting lawful gun owners. (To see GOAL's report on this, click here.)

We do ask that everyone contacting their legislators ask them to support GOAL's bill
H1694 "The Deceptive Weapons Device Bill".