Monday, September 10, 2007

Mitt Romney & Senator Craig: What's the Problem?

More thoughts on Mitt Romney's de facto promotion of homosexuality . . .

We don't understand why Romney asked Senator Craig to step down as the head of his Senatorial campaign committee. Romney has said over and over that we must respect all people, no matter what choices they make in their lives. In June 2005, he called for a “high degree of respect and tolerance for people whose lifestyle and choices and orientation is as they may choose.”

In his Boise news conference, Senator Craig said: "I did nothing wrong at the Minneapolis airport." We ask Mitt Romney: Was Craig's typical homosexual behavior at that bathroom OK, or wrong? If you asked him to step down from your campaign, you must think it's wrong.

But the homosexual "lifestyle" very commonly includes anonymous sexual encounters in public bathrooms. So, what's the problem with Sen. Craig's behavior, Mitt? We thought you advised us to respect all lifestyles and choices? Why aren't you respecting Senator Craig's lifestyle and choices? Craig was accused as far back as 1982 of such behavior, in the Congressional page sex & drugs scandal. See YouTube: Were you unaware of this, Mitt?

More questions for candidate Romney: Is homosexuality wrong? Is it morally wrong? Are there public health and decency considerations accompanying the homosexual "lifestyle" choice? Is there a middle ground on this issue?

Who's guilty of hypocrisy here: Senator Craig, or Mitt Romney?