Saturday, March 12, 2005

Gay Orgies Untouchable by Law Enforcement

The radical gays are upset that Boston Police Commissioner O'Toole appointed a detective they don't like to the "hate-crimes" unit. (Boston Globe story, 3/12/05.) They don't like Sgt. Detective Joseph MacDonald because years ago he arrested one of their orgy planners.

Back in 1992, 161 nude gay men cavorted at what they called a "safe sex" party in Boston's South End. An admission fee was charged, alcohol was flowing, and "safe sex literature" was distributed. The D.A. later dropped the charges against the orgy planner ("selling alcohol without a license, maintaining a house of ill fame, and distributing obscenity").

But Gary Daffin, head of the Massachusetts Gay & Lesbian Political Caucus (very influential on Beacon Hill), is OUTRAGED!! that MacDonald would be appointed to this position. Daffin said the 1992 incident is "notorious" in the gay community. "It is surprising that they would appoint someone with this history.... his record seemed particularly egregious and he seemed particularly uncomfortable with gay people," Daffin said.