Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Sex-Change Operations: Against Nature

How sad--and sickening. In the March 1 "Dear Prudence" column, "Beyond Confused" asks how to address someone after a sex change operation. A friend had just had "surgery to become a woman", would be bandaged, and "the physical changes would be quite apparent".

Let's stop right there. If he was born a man, he is still a man. The surgery did nothing more than horribly maim, disfigure, and violate him. Such surgery is part of the culture of death. But the mainstream media is promoting total acceptance of this hideous practice.

But once the door has been opened to acceptance of homosexuality, how can we say no to bisexuality, transgenderism, and transsexuality? And this is what acceptance leads to: the mutilation of human bodies, against nature and creation.

Do we really want to teach our children that they might consider having their breasts or penises cut off, if they happen to be confused (or, as the homosexual movement says, "questioning")?