Wednesday, March 16, 2005

New Conservative Blog in Massachusetts

Can you believe it? We're not alone!!! Check out another CONSERVATIVE blog here in Massachusetts: (The only thing we take issue with is their claim to be the "premier" conservative blog in the state...) An excerpt:

The institution founded by the Puritan, John Harvard, is rife with impurities. Summers, who I have no great love for, is under attack for stating that there may be inherent differences between the sexes. It amazes me that the multi-culturalists at Harvard who insist that people are born gay can't accept that fact that the sexes may be born with inherent differences as well. And then, heaven forbid, an actress (we know how conservative THEY are), used heteronormative language (i.e. she only mentioned women as marrying men) in describing how women can have it all. The cultural terrorists went after her immediately to obtain an apology. Harvard is lost.

[Note from MassResistance: No, Harvard isn't entirely lost. MassResistance will be at the Harvard Faculty Club for brunch on March 20. See if you can find us there! We're working on assorted alum to come out of the closet and remind everyone of the meaning of VERITAS.]