Thursday, March 24, 2005

Polyamorists Team with Queer Activists and Boston Hotels

Our society is getting weirder and weirder. Are you ready to hear about the polyamorist radicals linking up with queer activists? And holding their conference at a supposedly respectable local hotel (where we go for wedding receptions)?

You can read all about it in "Poly Politics: Lessons from Queer Liberation", a paper presented at a very queer conference held at the Natick Crowne Plaza last October. One of the sponsoring groups was the New England Leather Alliance (not into shoe manufacturing).

That reminds me of the article in the Boston Globe last year about the people riding up and down the elevators with chains, leashes, and whips, wearing just a little leather -- in front of families with small children -- at the Boston Park Plaza Hotel. These freaks were attending the annual national Leather Leadership Conference. And don't forget the Sheraton Boston hosts the Fetish Fair Fleamarket.

See our Hall of Shame entry (Feb. 12), listing corporate sponsors of the radical homosexual movement in Massachusetts. We've added these hotels to that list, because after reading the above article, it becomes clear that the boundaries between these groups of "sexual adventurers" are not at all well defined... There's lots of crossover.

When are regular Americans going to call these hotels to account for hosting such twisted groups? They've always been around, but now they're unashamedly "out" -- with the help of these hotels.