Monday, March 14, 2005

"Married" Gays Whining over Their Taxes

Now they're whining that their "tax tangles" are too burdensome. It's just not fair that the federal government and IRS don't recognize their "marriage"! Something must be done to correct this violation of their civil rights! Not content to settle for their unfair advantage over singles, cohabiting non-married family members, etc., the unnaturally joined make the front page on the Boston Globe, crying over their federal taxes.

Not much sympathy on our part for the apparently well-to-do lesbian couple shown poring over their "blueprints for renovations to their house in Jamaica Plain." Tax professionals and accountants must be pleased. One said "she may charge up to twice her standard fee of $250 to $350, due to the extra work" filing for "married" gays. Apparently, high-income homosexual couples will have no problem paying. But they do enjoy complaining.