Wednesday, March 30, 2005

New Referendum Petition NOT the Solution

How sad to see our would-be allies acting so myopically. The Massachusetts Family Institute (MFI) is about to announce its new referendum petition drive to end homosexual "marriage". A worthy goal, but a fatally flawed strategy. (See the Boston Globe report, "Gay marriage foes eye new petition," 3/30/05.)

Why must one group perversely go off on a fool's errand, split our movement, deplete our financial resources, time, and energy??? How can the MFI be so short-sighted and forgetful of our recent history?

Governor Romney, not exactly known for getting things done, is in a "dialogue" with the MFI on their hare-brained scheme. But House minority leader Rep. Bradley H. Jones, Jr. (R-North Reading), clearly more in touch with political reality, warns of the difficulties with MFI's strategy. Jones said, "It's worth it from their perspective, I suppose, but the hurdles are more daunting than they think they are."

Remember that in 2002, Senate President Birmingham violated our Constitutional requirement to bring a marriage referendum up for a vote. So even though MFI's new referendum petition would only need 50 votes in the Legislature (two years in a row) before going to the voters, it appears unlikely this will ever be allowed. It's not only the Supreme Judicial Court that's out of control in this state -- our Legislature has also been ignoring the Constitution!

Even if the referendum passed the hurdle of being approved by two consecutive Constitutional Conventions, there is fine print (according to a reliable source) which would probably not allow it to go to the voters until 2010 or 2011! Do you want to wait that long to end homosexual "marriage"?

Further, with tyrant judges still in place, you can be sure they'd throw the measure out as "unconstitutional" even if approved by the voters! THE PROBLEM IS THE JUDGES. REMOVE THE SJC4 ! Support Article 8 Alliance!

BUT THE MFI STUBBORNLY PERSISTS, engaged in infantile wishful thinking! ... A group no longer worthy of your support.