Sunday, March 20, 2005

Playing on Emotions: One Key to Their Victory

Bay Windows muses over why Massachusetts is so different from the other more primitive states (which still choose to stand up and fight the radical homosexuals' attack on traditional values). The GLBT newspaper claims it's because Massachusetts has been "having the conversation" over homosexual "rights" much longer--for over 30 years--instead of just the last few years.

Putting a human face on their cause had a lot to do with their success. Playing on the emotions of the legislators. Badgering ("lobbying") them relentlessly. Showing smiling family portraits with their children.

"We made progress over 17 years of lobbying to pass the gay rights bill by talking about our lives with state legislators. We told stories about our relationships. We showed off pictures of our children. In the process we became fully human to a generation of local lawmakers. There's a lesson in all this for the rest of the country: Coming out helps. Steady, persistent lobbying of lawmakers helps. Principled, unyielding demands for equality helps."

There's a lesson in this for us, too. We must understand that many legislators will respond to EMOTION, but not rational or moral arguments.

Let's go into the State House and lobby ceaselessly. Remind these legislators of all the young men still needlessly contracting AIDS and homosex diseases. Of the STD plague that has spread largely due to "bisexual" males sharing these diseases with females. And of families sadly torn apart by children announcing they're "gay" (after being recruited in the gay clubs in our public high schools).

Remind the legislators that we too have families, and we have every right to protect OUR CHILDREN from a dangerous "lifestyle" we also object to on moral grounds.