Sunday, March 05, 2006

Massachusetts' Most Dangerous Legislators, Part I

Who are the most dangerous legislators in Massachusetts -- those who sponsor bills most destabilizing to society? We'll start with a list of the sponsors of the bill to decriminalize sodomy and bestiality -- a crime against nature, whether committed with mankind or with beast.

Rep. David Paul Linsky (lead sponsor), 5th Middlesex (Natick), 617-722-2210,

Rep. Ruth B. Balser, 12th Middlesex District (Newton), 617-722-2060,

Rep. Michael E. Festa, 32nd Middlesex District (Melrose), 617-722-2018,

Rep. Alice Hanlon Peisch, 14th Norfolk District (Wellesley), 617-722-2080,

Rep. Douglas W. Petersen, 8th Essex District (Marblehead), 617-722-2637,

Rep. Ellen Story, 3rd Hampshire (Amherst), 617-722-2011,

Sen. Robert A. O’Leary, Cape and Islands (Barnstable), 617-722-1570, Robert.O'

What are these legislators thinking? Why would they want to decriminalize bestiality? Their bill is H819, "An Act Abolishing Certain Laws of the Commonwealth," sodomy/bestiality being only one of them. It is soon to be acted on by the Judiciary Committee. (Urge this committee to kill it!)

H819 would overturn Mass. law Ch. 272, Sec. 34: Whoever commits the abominable and detestable crime against nature, either with mankind or with a beast, shall be punished by imprisonment in the state prison for not more than twenty years.

Bear in mind that there are bills which "only" lessen the penalities for bestiality, or which keep it a crime while decriminalizing human-on-human sodomy. Legislators sponsoring these bills will appear in our upcoming list of Massachusetts' Most Dangerous Legislators, Part II.

Part III will include all those sponsoring very bad bills currently in the legislature. Part IV will list all those publicly taking money from radical homosexual political action committees.