Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Massachusetts' Most Dangerous Legislators, II

Some Massachusetts legislators went out on the farthest limb, sponsoring a bill (H819) to completely decriminalize bestiality. (See Part I in this series.) Several others thought it should still be a crime, but the penalities lessened.

There's one new name here, Senator Cynthia Creem of Newton, the lead sponsor of S938, the bill which includes lessening the penalties for bestiality (and decriminalizing human-on-human sodomy). Three of its sponsors were also behind the total decriminalization of bestiality (H819). That would be Senator O'Leary, Rep. Festa, and Rep. Linsky -- who apparently can't make up their minds on whether or not it's OK to violate beasties and spread strange diseases to humans.

So here's our second entry on the most dangerous legislators in Massachusetts, those who are tearing down moral and ethical codes going back thousands of years. In addition to these four legislators, "other [unnamed] members of the General Court" stand behind the bill.

Sen. Cynthia Creem, First Middlesex & Norfolk (Newton), 617-722-1639, Cynthia.Creem@state.ma.us.

Sen. Robert A. O’Leary, Cape and Islands (Barnstable), 617-722-1570, Robert.O'Leary@state.ma.us.

Rep. Michael E. Festa, 32nd Middlesex District (Melrose), 617-722-2018, Rep.MikeFesta@hou.state.ma.us.

Rep. David Paul Linsky (lead sponsor), 5th Middlesex (Natick), 617-722-2210, Rep.DavidLinsky@hou.state.ma.us.