Friday, March 10, 2006

Pimping for Polygamy at Boston Globe

If you read a headline, "Fine new series explores monogamy and faith," would you guess that the series is all about . . . POLYGAMY ?? ! Only when you get to the finer print do you read, "Series about polygamy asks what you say after 'I do,' 'I do,' 'I do'."

(Wow, if this isn't newspeak, we don't know what is! The series "explores monogamy" -- when it's really exploring polygamy? !)

This the Boston Globe's latest exercise in socially destabilizing propaganda: a glowing review of a new HBO TV series on a polygamist family in Utah called "Big Love". One husband, three wives, three homes:

''Big Love," which premieres Sunday at 10, is layered enough to do what HBO's ''The Sopranos" and ''Six Feet Under" have done so well: make atypical heroes knowable and universal. It pulls us into its parallel moral universe, rather than keep us standing outside in judgment.

Yeah, we wouldn't want to stand outside in judgment! Modern American society demands that we suspend all judgment, whether rational or moral. And since the series is "layered", that will cover all our doubts.

Why is the ultra-Left so eager to jump on the polygamy bandwagon? Is it because polygamy is even more revolutionary extremist-Leftist-socially-destabilizing-deconstructionist-anti-Judeo-Christian than homosexual "marriage"? So it makes homo "marriage" look mild by comparison? We're now beyond boundaries. The slippery slope is undeniable.

As we've pointed out, there is a real movement to legitimize polygamy, not just in breakaway sects in Utah, but in the Unitarian Universalist "Church" which also led the way with homosexual "marriage". And we have yet to hear a reasonable legal argument -- which would meet Empress Margaret Marshall's standards -- that there is a "rational" case to be made to limit marriage to only two people. LOVE is all that matters!