Friday, March 24, 2006

More "Hate Speech" Accusations: Howie Carr, John DePetro, Alain's Newsletter !!

Bay Windows, Boston's GLBT newspaper, is reporting that WRKO 680AM is being hit hard by a sponsor, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, for the station's supposedly "gay-bashing" talk-show hosts -- Howie Carr and John DePetro. What sort of a weird world are we living in? A major health care provider, HPHC, is promoting sexual practices which entail serious physical and mental health risks, while trying to silence reasonable, common-sense talk about the perversion that's taken hold in Massachusetts. (We must admit we enjoy Howie's sound effects whenever referencing "gays".)

[From Bay Windows:]
“We’ve expressed our concerns about the topics recently discussed at WRKO to the station management,” said Harvard Pilgrim Health Care spokeswoman Sharon Torgerson in an interview Tuesday. Togerson added that the concerns were raised following the publication of a column in Bay Windows March 9 calling for a boycott of WRKO advertisers. Torgerson said that WRKO station management said that comments documented in the column had been made by callers. Those comments included Depetro’s having talked about the arrest of State Police Sgt. O’Hare who has been accused of soliciting sex over the Internet from a 14-year-old boy, who in reality was an undercover FBI agent. It was Depetro — and not a caller — who said that gay men have a propensity to molest boys and the entire gay community now wears O’Hare’s alleged crime around its “neck.”

... WRKO’s on-air gay bashing by talks show hosts, particularly Carr and former WRKO host Michael Savage, has long been documented in the local media. Former Boston Phoenix media critic
Dan Kennedy has written extensively about their on-air antics. In an open letter to former WRKO program director Mike Elder, published in the Phoenix July 11, 2003, Kennedy noted that Carr “has made seventh-grade-level tee-hee gay-bashing a staple of his program.” The Harvard Pilgrim ads on WRKO have become a common feature on the AM station. The advertisements feature Harvard Pilgrim CEO Charles Baker, a former cabinet member in the William F. Weld administration who recently considered a bid for the G.O.P. nomination for governor. Baker is generally considered progressive on social issues.

Also along these lines, Alain's Newsletter ("conservative, Christian, and politically active"), is being blocked by Google from its news engine. Alain explains this is censorship -- based on Google's opinion that the content of his newsletter is "Hate Speech". Alain writes:

... [Nowhere] on this site are I, or any of my contributing columnists, advocating violence against [gays] or anyone else. We argue in the political and spiritual arenas. People who stoop to physical violence against people are in my opinion the lowest of the low.

I am speaking from experience here. A few years ago I was attacked by two homosexual men in Pasadena California. I have a two inch scar on my right arm from the knife they cut me with.

I also have had my home broken into, walls punched full of holes, furniture shredded and loving messages about what homosexuals were going to do to me, and my son (two years old at that time) spray painted throughout the interior of almost every room in the house.

This site is not about violence, this site is about reform, protecting our children from what we view as dangerous immorality, and the direction of our country in general. I know something about real hate ... and this site is not it.

... They disagree with the viewpoint of my newsletter, so they will censor it under the guise of "Hate Speech", even though there is nothing hatefull about it.... I never claimed to be a news site. My site is an opinion editorial site. Other such sites are included in google news, as anyone who uses it can attest. If they happily include leftist sites, why is mine singled out as Hate Speech? As stated by you above, they disagree with my point of view. So they block the public from being exposed to my point of view. The public never gets to form their own opinions. It is not googles place to decide what is right and what is wrong. This even goes against their number four point in google philosphy ["Democracy on the web works"] .

Gary Kelly writes in Alain's Newsletter:

The real "hate crime" violators are bigots that hate Christians and Scriptures, because Christians shed light into the darkness (John 3:19-21) advanced by those with " reprobate minds" (Romans 1:18-31) and teaching our children that that "which goes against nature" as being “normal.”

Hate-crime legislation is NOT about anti-violence. It is a deception being used to legitimize homosexuality and discriminate against Judeo-Christian Scriptural traditional family and
marriage values.

The real hate crime is Outlawing the Bible, as they did prayer, and the Ten Commandments.