Friday, March 03, 2006

Memo to New Hampshire: Beware Romney

URGENT letter from John Haskins, Citizen of Massachusetts, to New Hampshire State Rep. Maureen C. Mooney (Feb. 27, 2006)

Please take the time to read this short letter before you meet with Governor Mitt Romney. I'm sending you two columns [linked below] I've published recently in a national forum about Romney. I encourage you to share them with other members of the New Hampshire state government, with the media, and any other persons you might choose.

Gov. Romney -- as you will become aware after reading these two short WorldNetDaily commentaries -- despite his loud claims of deep, firm pro-family beliefs, is a very different politician than one sees in public view.

He has been -- in the eyes of many alert and informed pro-family Massachusetts voters and citizens who understand the immutable authority of our written constitutions, state and federal -- a crushing disappointment.

He has demonstrated no awareness that the sovereign constitutional document which he solemnly swore to defend was written by John Adams and ratified not as merely advisory commentary to public officials, but as a protection against politicians who would seize the power of self-government from citizens and force society in a direction that violates the convictions of the citizenry. This is a man whose election as president of the United States would greatly dismay those very people who, believing him to be a man of conviction and principle, are likely to support him.

I do not know your position on the matter of homosexual marriage, but aside from the moral issues and concerns about its ultimate impact on children, there are grave constitutional problems with Mr. Romney's handling of what is widely called "gay marriage."

He flagrantly violated the state constitution and leapt well beyond even the expectations of the four militant, radical justices on the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court and used the power of the executive branch to illegally implement homosexual "marriage" -- without even waiting for the legislature to enact a law as the court wanted. All the while he pretended he was only obeying "the law."

Why did Mr. Romney go so far beyond what even the radical justices were asking for? Because he knew that most legislators were unwilling to enact any radical new law that had so little support from the public. Beyond this, the court's ruling is non-binding on the governor and the Legislature, according to the state constitution. But Gov. Romney must vigorously pretend otherwise in order to obscure his responsibility for the social, political, and constitutional crisis of illegal homosexual marriage licenses issued following his personal instructions to state officials. His instructions violated the existing law as ratified by the people's representatives -- despite the fact that the Massachusetts Constitution, by astonishing coincidence, explicitly denies courts any role in matters of marriage.

There is no dispute about these facts, and I will be happy to send you the portions of the Massachusetts Constitution that irrefutably deny the legality of both the court's homosexual marriage ruling and of Gov. Romney's subsequent, opportunistic actions.

Since Gov. Romney (under useful cover of a constitutionally void ruling, but nevertheless, unilaterally) imposed on the population of the state a fundamental change of policy on the basic building block of society, grave consequences have continued to arise. Public schoolchildren are subject to official indoctrination on homosexuality, and concerned parents are shunted aside as if they have no role in the moral and sexual education of their own children. Gov. Romney has publicly said he regards those opposed to homosexual marriage as "right-wing bigots" -- and rebuked his wife, son, and daughter-in-law for signing a petition for a state constitutional amendment to define marriage as between one man and one woman. Again, Gov. Romney is NOT the man he will pretend to be when meeting with you and many inescapable parts of his political record will prove that to your complete satisfaction.

Since Gov. Romney personally imposed "homosexual marriage" in contravention of existing state law, under his administration, state and private adoption and foster care agencies increasingly give children to homosexuals, both single and "married" -- even in preference to traditional families that can offer children both a mother and a father. Is Gov. Romney unaware of the obvious: that children have a fundamental need and desire to be loved by both a father and a mother?

Please take the time to read these two articles and distribute them to others who need to know the facts of Gov. Romney's role in the biggest and most radical deconstruction of Western civilization, at least since the Bolsheviks. (Both are from WorldNetDaily.)

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Thanks, for your attention to this very grave matter.
John Haskins
Associate Director, Parents' Rights Coalition

(c) John Haskins