Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Massachusetts' Most Dangerous Legislators, IV

Homosexual PAC Endorsements for Mass. Legislature, 2004 election

Part IV in our series. [See Part I, II, and III.]

Here's the list of Massachusetts legislators who received formal, public endorsements from homosexual PACs (political action committees) before the 2004 election. In many cases, these candidates got help in the form of campaign workers, consultants, and district-wide-mailings. Some of the groups also state that there are others they helped, but who were not identified publicly.

Our count shows 22 Senators and 65 Representatives who have sold out to the homosexual lobby. This is out of 87 out of 200 legislators in the combined Mass. Senate and House. [Note that Senator Shannon, now deceased, was replaced by Rep. Jehlen; who was replaced by a newly elected Rep. who fully supports the homosexual agenda. So the count stays the same.]

Note that two legislators recently in the MassResistance /Article 8 news, Senator Cynthia Creem (sponsor of a bill lessening penalties for bestiality) and Rep. Patricia Haddad (House Chair of Education Committee, who headed up the recent hearing on H1641 and earlier on our opt-in bill H1050) are on this list.

The endorsing groups include: MassEquality, SupportEquality, Mass. Gay & Lesbian Political Caucus, Freedom to Marry Coalition, Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund, LGBT of Western Mass., Bay State Stonewal Democrats, Religious Coalition for Freedom to Marry, Cambridge Lavender Alliance, OutSomerville. (Also, those receiving praise from Bay Windows.)

Antonioni, Robert
Augustus, Edward
Baddour, Steven
Barrios, Jarrett
Chandler, Harriette
Creem, Cynthia
Fargo, Susan
Havern, Robert
Joyce, Brian
McGee, Thomas
Montigny, Mark
Nuciforo, Andrea
O'Leary, Robert
Resor, Pamela
Rosenberg, Stanley
Shannon, Charles [deceased; replaced by Rep Jehlen]
Spilka, Karen
Tisei, Richard
Tolman, Steven
Tucker, Susan
Walsh, Marian
Wilkerson, Dianne

Atkins, Cory
Balser, Ruth
Blumer, Deborah
Bosley, Daniel
Canessa, Stephen
Costello, Michael
Donelan, Christopher
Eldridge, James
Fallon, Christopher
Falzone, Mark
Festa, Michael
Finegold, Barry
Forry, Linda Dorcena
Fox, Gloria
Galvin, William
Grant, Mary
Guyer, Denis
Haddad, Patricia
Honan, Kevin
Jehlen, Patricia [now Senator]
Kaprielian, Rachel
Kaufman, Jay
Keenan, John
Khan, Kay
Kocot, Peter
Kulik, Stephen
Linsky, David
L'Italien, Barbara
Malia, Liz
Marzilli, J. James
Murphy, Charles
Patrick, Matthew
Paulsen, Anne
Peisch, Alice
Petersen, Douglas
Pignatelli, Smitty
Reinstein, Kathi-Anne
Rivera, Cheryl
Rushing, Byron
Sannicandro, Tom
Scibak, John
Sciortino, Carl
Smizik, Frank
Speliotis, Theodore
Spellane, Robert
Stanley, Thomas
St. Fleur, Marie
Story, Ellen
Swan, Benjamin
Teahan, Kathleen
Toomey, Timothy
Torrisi, David
Turner, Cleon
Walsh, Martin
Walsh, Steven
Walz, Mary
Wolf, Alice

In addition to these legislators, MassEquality posted a list of "Voices of Equality" incumbents after the 2004 election. Here are names that didn't appear on the pre-election list. (Does this mean they took the homosexual PACs' help, but didn't want it known before the election?)

Cabral, Antonia
DiMasi, Sal (Speaker of the House)
Harkins, Lida
Koutoujian, Peter
Mariano, Richard
Sanchez, Jeffrey
Stanley, Harriet
Sullivan, David