Thursday, March 02, 2006

Scottish Bishop Speaks the Truth on "Gay" Adoptions

"Gay" adoption is a big issue here in Massachusetts. We hope the Massachusetts Bishops stick to their guns and take this issue to court if necessary. By way of comparison, here's a Bishop in Scotland who is unafraid to speak the truth.

Bishop slams “corrupting” gay adoption plans (UK), Monday 27 February, 2006

A senior Catholic Bishop in Scotland has slammed proposals that will allow same-sex couples to adopt children together. The Rt Rev Joseph Devine, Bishop of Motherwell has sent a letter to Scotland’s First Minister Jack McConnell, urging him to drop the proposals and warning that the laws will erode society.

Noting that he will be branded a “bigot” for the letter, Devine says he feels the Catholic Church is being ignored in the row over the new laws. However, he promised that increasing numbers are "not prepared to stand by and watch the destruction of Christian values and truth".

According to The Herald, the letter warns that there is “mounting disquiet” about new pro-gay laws. "I am only too well aware, of course, that the conventional family unit is in decline and society is paying the price,” he writes. “But where the traditional family unit does exist, it should for the sake of the children be deemed a far more appropriate refuge for them than exposure to a homosexual or lesbian way of life.”

"No doubt for refusing to pander to the idea that homosexual and lesbian relationships are equal to heterosexual partnerships, particularly those blessed in the sight of God, I shall be termed a bigot by the politically correct hardcore in the Scottish Parliament," he added.