Tuesday, July 04, 2006

"Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth" = Government Sponsored Endangerment of Children

Why is the Governor's Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth (possibly soon to become an independent Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth?) so dangerous? Because it leads vulnerable, confused young people into contact with older GLBT activists -- some of whom may be sexual predators. This is yet another example of politically-correct DENIAL in our society. While many profess concern for child victims of sexual predators, here they let it run unchecked.

Here are some of the people and groups who've called for volunteers or noted their own volunteer activities at recent Commission events, such as the annual
Youth Pride day and BAGLY gay/trans prom at Boston City Hall. By way of comparison: Would we knowingly put our heterosexual teenage girls in touch with known prostitutes? Would we knowingly send them to events focusing on sex, staffed by older, single male "volunteers"? Yet the Commission believes these groups -- totally focused on sexuality -- are all completely trustworthy with young teens who are drawn to them through their own sexual curiosity.

PUMP (HIV peer support group/male sex workers)
Friends of the Governor's Commission on GLBT Youth (list of volunteer opportunities)
Lambda Car Club (homosexual antique car lovers)
GenderCrash (trans event host at Youth Pride)
Jesuit Urban Center parishioners ("Catholic" church that hangs rainbow banners)
Adult crossdressers - Anonymous
Perverts trolling for teen boys - Anonymous
Hate blog authors
Bay Windows readers
BAGLY adult staff and mentors

The Commission also poisons the whole youth population through the GSA's (gay clubs in the high schools) which the Commission supports. It also trains teachers and administrators in "Safe Schools" propaganda, and promotes speakers and "gay awareness" events in the schools.