Saturday, July 29, 2006

Robert Paine Blog: Romney Created "Same-Sex Marriage"

Check out Robert Paine, Esq. Written by an attorney, there's lots to digest on this blog in his series of articles entitled, "The Governor’s New Clothes; How Mitt Romney Brought Same-Sex Marriage To America."

John Haskins first alerted us to Paine's important argument "that it is not even clear that the Legislature could constitutionally create 'homosexual marriage.' The term 'marriage' is written into the state constitution. This presents an insurmountable obstacle for all three branches of government. There is abundant Massachusetts and federal case law demonstrating that no term used in the constitution can be redefined except by a constitutional amendment."

Robert Paine was a Founding Father, signer of the Declaration of Independence, first attorney general of Massachusetts, speaker of the Massachusetts House, member of the Continental Congress and a justice of the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court.

We also understand from Paine that the new "Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth" violates the Constitution, by essentially creating an independent fourth branch of the Massachusetts government.