Friday, July 07, 2006

No, Sodomy "Marriage" is NOT a "Civil Right"

People are not born homosexual, bisexual, transgender, or transsexual. But people are born black, white, Asian, or mixed race. Or short or tall. Or handsome or homely. God made them that way, and that can never change, no matter what emotional, spiritual, psychological, or cosmetic events or forces come into play.

Many people of color are incensed at the attempt by the activist GLBT's to equate race and "sexual identity." Check out the concerns of the Congressional Black Caucus back in March 2004: "Black caucus resists comparison of gay 'marriage' to civil rights." And our link to Boston's Rev. Eugene Rivers' column in the Weekly Standard.

Here's just one example of an email we recently received from a Massachusetts citizen:

Please put me on your E-Mail list. I am sick of MassEquality propagandizing me ... sick of the SJC's arrogant theft of my right to vote on an issue ... and sick of arrogant homosexuals hijacking the REAL Civil Rights Movement, the one I (as a proud black American) am old enough to remember first-hand.