Saturday, July 29, 2006

Prominent "Gay" Lobbyist Arrested for Solicitation of College Boys

You will know them by their deeds. William Conley, openly homosexual lobbyist for the Massachusetts Gay and Lesbian Political Caucus, was arrested on July 8 for soliciting oral sex from college students, reports the Boston Herald today ("Sex-solicit sting nets lobbyist for gay group"). Gee, why didn't we see this story in Bay Windows?

We've published a photo showing Conley standing on the State House steps with the "Governor's Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth" banner on "Youth Pride" day. The adults running the GLBT political groups are certainly working hard to find fresh meat.

Conley is often seen prancing around the State House as if he owned the place. Why, we just ran into him in a Rep's office a few weeks back (after his arrest!) pushing for the new, independent, unconstitutional "Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth." Always dressed immaculately in a business suit, he conveys respectability to the max. His testimonies pushing homosexual indoctrination in the schools are quietly confident. At the hearing on the marriage amendment in May, he stood at the front of the hearing room near the Legislators' panel, acting as MC to the hearing, ushering his people to the table at just the right moment, using his height and clean-cut image to intimidate. Apparently, the stress of this role-playing builds up and he has a tremendous need to access "oral relief" (see story below).

This is the person whose salary House Speaker DiMasi helped raise at the MGLPC fundraiser a few nights ago!

From the Herald article:

A Springfield man busted in an alleged attempt to solicit sex from University of Massachusetts students in return for cash is a paid lobbyist for a pro-gay marriage advocacy group. William G. Conley, a lobbyist for the Massachusetts Gay & Lesbian Political Caucus, was arrested by UMass police after allegedly posting a message on the Internet bulletin board offering work to a college student.

Conley, 59, allegedly replied in an e-mail to an undercover cop posing as a student that he was willing to pay $50-$150 for “oral relief,” according to a report in The Republican of Springfield. Police arranged a meeting and arrested Conley on July 8. ...