Friday, July 21, 2006

New Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth: Precursor to Hate Crimes Tribunal?

This past Wednesday, radical openly lesbian state legislators called names and -- in hysterical outbursts -- stifled debate on Governor Romney's veto of the new extra-constitutional independent Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth. (And don't forget the other youth to be "protected" by this Commission: Bisexual, Transgender, Transsexual, Questioning, Polyamorous, etc.).

Sorry as this debate was, and silly as the reason given by the Governor for vetoing it ("it is duplicative"), at least it was vetoed. But whichever candidate is elected Governor in 2006, there will not even be vetoes of similar nonsense! MassResistance warns: a Hate Crimes Commission (or "tribunal" as in Canada) will be next ... possibly thrown in as a stealth "amendment" to a budget item as was done here.

From the State House News Service, here's the "debate" on this devious ploy from "gay" State Senator Jarrett Barrios, a.k.a. "Senator Fluff".

Rep. Donato said question comes on the governor’s veto in H 5000, section 4. Romney vetoed the section, he said, because it was “duplicative.” The section outlines membership on a “permanent” 27-member unpaid commission on gay and lesbian youth. It establishes the commission as “an independent agency of the commonwealth and shall not be subject to the control of any other department or agency.” Rep Donato said if the chair hears no objection, we will consider no action taken on this matter.

Rep. Travis objected. Rep. Donato, in the chair, made a motion to call Rep. Travis to the rostrum where they had a private conversation, along with Reps. Jones and Petrolati.

The House then suspended rules and question came on the veto override. Rep. Donato began calling the vote and Rep. Travis was asking to be recognized. Rep. Donato said for what purpose does the gentleman rise? Rep. Travis said to speak on the issue.

Rep. Travis said we are pressing our green buttons and reading these after the fact. I wish to let you know what this is. I would like to ask someone carrying this to come forward and say why we have to have a duplicate commission. This is a brand new section that is called gay youth commission. It is redundant and I would like to know the need for this and why it does not come under any state department whatsoever. It is separate and equal to something we have on the books. None of us voted against the original commission. Why do we need it? I don’t think we do.

Rep. Coakley-Rivera [openly lesbian] said for a long time I sat here, for eight years, and I listened to the hate in this chamber and from the man who just walked away and that is why we need a commission - so children do not commit suicide and people like the gentleman who walked away don’t continue to feed hate, so children don’t take drugs - children feel something is so wrong with them that they take their own life. This is why we need two commissions.

Rep. Travis asked to be recognized. Rep. Donato banged the gavel and called a brief recess.The chamber had fallen silent and a handful of members applauded Rep. Rivera. [Wait -- we thought it was Coakley-Rivera... Names change, sexual identities change... She used to be just Rivera.] Rep. Coakley-Rivera was recognized again and said I will move on.

Rep. Travis said point of personal privilege - the rules of the House say a colleague does not attack a colleague no matter how vehemently they feel. The lady at the microphone attacked me. We have just done a line item on the question of suicide and overrode that item. That point has been settled. I wish she would address the question I asked.

Rep. Donato, in the chair, said the chair will pay close attention to the debate.

Rep. Coakley-Rivera said because there is so much hate and bigotry about gays and about me and my sexuality. I was one of the few who made it out and can stand here and talk. I am able to love a woman in a loving and caring way and not everyone can do that. God made me and my straight parents made me and love me for who I am. That is why we create commissions to help people understand differences of the world and help children understand the differences of the world so they can better deal with hate and bigotry in the world. We all know what this is about. It’s about people who don’t like gays and lesbians and don’t like their lifestyles and they use the church to excuse their hate and bigotry. We need as many commissions to deal with children committing suicide and taking drugs and dealing with gay and lesbian issues. Thank you Mr. Speaker.

Rep. Travis said if my lips said to you what that lady just said I said, I would apologize to all of you. I never spoke any word she said. She answered why we need a second commission. If the commission in place is doing its proper job and exposing children to different lifestyles, I accept that. It is the law. [While we disagree with Rep. Travis on these points, at least he spoke up!] We are creating a second commission on the same activity. She said we need all the time and money to influence our children. My point of view is different and exposure at the earliest age is wrong and parents tell me that on a regular basis. My job is to not let this pass. It is not in the public interest. I stand on that premise. I do not attack any gay or straight person for any reason. I have never done that and am not going to start this evening. You are picking on me as a straight person and I resent that. I have great respect for the lady.

There was a smattering of applause for Rep. Travis.


Rep. Malia [openly lesbian] moved reconsideration, Rep. Donato said. As Rep. Travis called to be recognized, Rep. Donato quickly called the vote in the affirmative on a voice vote. Rep. Peterson said I doubt the vote. Rep. Donato said can I have a brief recess. Many lawmakers headed to the front of the chamber. RECESSES: After several minutes, Rep. Donato at 5:46 pm said Rep. Petrolati moved to recess until 6 pm. Motion adopted.
[Now what was happening during the recess? Did the "gay" lobby move in and threaten to flood hundreds of thousands into challengers' campaigns, unless certain vulnerable reps changed their votes???] ...

Rep. Travis said ... The vote was 52 on this issue. I remember a discussion in caucus about removing outside sections from this budget. This is a subject that is controversial. It has had no public hearing. It is called a substitute for the governor’s commission. I have heard no complaints in my district or from the other side that that commission did not function well within the school system.... This issue can be taken up at another time and be spoken about in a hearing room where people can give testimony on both sides. They would not be under any legislative or executive branch oversight. Under that premise of accountability, I hope the veto is overridden.

With Rep. Tobin asking to be recognized, Rep. Donato, in the chair, opened the roll call. Rep. Atsalis voted no on the last roll call, with unanimous consent.

Senator Fluff gets his way; lots of little "GLBTs" will be created by this act of the Massachusetts Legislature -- though not by the Creator.