Monday, July 03, 2006

Planned Parenthood Sowing "Sexual Identity" Confusion

[Handout from Planned Parenthood at GLSEN Boston Conference, April 30, 2005. Given to both children and adults.]

Warren Buffett's announcement that he'll give the majority of his fortune to the Gates Foundation was greeted with oohs and ahhs from most quarters. But how many people know that the Gates Foundation supports abortionists? Namely, Planned Parenthood.

And Planned Parenthood promotes not only baby killing, but homosexuality, bisexuality, transgenderism, and transsexuality. See
our report on Planned Parenthood's presentation at a recent GLSEN Boston conference. PP is always at the State House testifying for harmful, anti-parental-rights causes, such as "comprehensive sex ed" and school-based clinics. PP is also on the front lines of the GLBT culture war. The "Revolutionary Gender Model" diagram they handed out at the GLSEN conference (above) highlights a huge inconsistency regarding "sexual identity" in the GLBT movement . On the one hand, their propaganda says people are "born that way". On the other hand, often behind closed doors of GLSEN-type seminars, "sexual identity" is said to fluid, and can change throughout one's life. Which is it?