Saturday, July 22, 2006

House Speaker DiMasi Agrees with Coakley-Rivera on "Hate"

What game is the Boston Herald editorial staff playing? They know full well that House Speaker DiMasi is not at all upset with Rep. Coakley-Rivera's charges of "hate" leveled at Rep. Philip Travis (and anyone who believes homosexual "marriage" is absurd and unacceptable). The Herald is calling for Coakley-Rivera to apologize for her remarks. Why would she, when she knows DiMasi has totally sold out to the extremist homosexual agenda? Why did he include her in his leadership to begin with, if he didn't agree that her viewpoint was valid, or at least a "voice" he wanted represented on his team?

Doesn't the Herald know that DiMasi will be the guest of honor at the upcoming homosexual lobby fundraiser on July 27?
And what does that lobby advocate: "No discrimination in the Constitution" -- meaning, any attempt to ban "gay marriage" is hateful discrimination. That's all that Coakley-Rivera was charging. (Look at their buddy group,, which has published the names of all the signers of the marriage referendum in order to intimidate them. They hold banners saying anyone who signed is a "bigot.")

DiMasi was honored by another homosexual activist group last winter. (See
photo of DiMasi receiving his award from the group "My Age".) He's been very public about his full support of the "gay" agenda. Just read Bay Windows.

Maybe the Herald means to say that the whole "gay marriage" movement should apologize to everyone else in Massachusetts?