Thursday, July 06, 2006

Governor Romney Holds Back on "Gay Parenting"

At last week's press conference on the amendment, Governor Romney continued to hold back on what's wrong with gay and lesbian parenting. (See Bay Windows' report.)

Do we think most homosexual parents love their children? Sure. But -- do most of them bring their children up in a healthy environment? We have SERIOUS doubts.

Read the articles and interviews by the
daughter of a homosexual father describing the hell of her upbringing, and the long struggle she's had overcoming what she experienced. The star lesbian activist in Lexington, Meg Soens, was photographed at Boston Pride Parade with two of her young children. (What did her daughter learn from the parading young women who'd had their breasts removed?) What about "Tranny Daddy" strutting his/her stuff at Boston Pride with three kids and "wife" in tow? Or the Boston Sunday Globe magazine columnist, and man "married" to a man, who says he will bring his adopted daughter up with a "fierce pride."

We know that for all their public posturing,
homosexual male couples are rarely monogamous. And Senator Fluff, Jarrett Barrios, while very concerned about his son eating marshmallow fluff in school lunches, is apparently not concerned that the boy is learning from his two "daddies" that sodomy is healthy and normal.

This is what is wrong with GLBT "parenting". Why can't our Governor say so?