Monday, September 04, 2006

"Bearded Ladies" and Patrick Guerriero

We were watching Fox News Watch on Saturday and the subject came up of the over-the-top coverage of the Jon Benet Ramsey murder suspect. Panelist Cal Thomas observed that one of the things going on there was a sort of "freak show mentality" akin to "paying to see bearded ladies at the circus."

Someone had better notify Thomas that he is displaying his "transphobia" and in just a few years he could be charged with a "hate crime" if he continues to speak like that! Doesn't he know there's nothing freakish about "bearded ladies"? Doesn't he know that some of the most important voices shaping public policy in the years to come will be bearded ladies? (Check out these groups if you don't believe us:
BAGLY, Mass Transgender Coalition, GenderCrash, GLAD, Transcending Boundaries Conference Worcester, National Center for Transgender Equality. And see "New England Leads on Transgender Rights," InNewsWeekly, 8-16-06.)

Massachusetts' own
Rep. Barney Frank is working hard to get a federal ban on "transphobia". State Rep. Carl Sciortino is poised to file a "transgender rights" bill in the next session. Several Massachusetts localities -- Boston, Cambridge, Northampton -- already have city ordinances targeting transphobia, and Maine has a state law.

new Executive Director of the Gill Foundation's Action Fund, Patrick Guerriero, is ready to dole out millions to the "trans rights" cause. As a former Massachusetts politician Guerriero has a special interest in our state, and MGLPC (the "gay" lobbying organization) has acknowledged he's working closely with them. A few months ago, while still head of the National Log Cabin Republicans, Guerriero signaled his commitment to the trans cause, and named the "male-to-female" leader of the National Center for Transgender Equality as his "personal mentor":

Coalitions with choice and environmental groups and hot button issues like the Schiavo matter represent an evolution in Log Cabin strategy. So too is a stronger focus on transgender rights that Guerriero has introduced in Log Cabin since he took over in 2002.
“I have actually brought a level of discussion of that issue to the organization over the past couple of years,” he explained, saying that
Mara Keisling, executive director of the National Center for Transgender Equality, has served as “a personal mentor” to him.
“I think we need us all to move forward and we should be wary of leaving anyone behind,” Guerriero said.

So watch out Thomas -- and Massachusetts! No more "bearded ladies" talk allowed!