Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Kerry Healey & Reed Hillman Pro-Civil Unions

"Republicans" deserve to lose the corner office in 2006. Both Kerry Healey and Reed Hillman are for "civil unions". Why should any conservative bother to vote? The pro-intimidation website, (which published the names of all the signers of the Mass. marriage amendment) posted this on their blog a few days ago:

Kerry Healey, Republican for Governor, still just does not get it. In an interview in June 2006 Healey spokeswoman, Amy Lambioso, told KnowThyNeighbor, "Kerry is against same-sex marriage but for civil unions. She is for the amendment to ban same-sex marriage and would vote for it if it reaches the ballot in 2008. If elected Governor, Healey will work on civil union legislation." When asked by KnowThyNeighbor what the language would be in Healey's "civil union" proposal i.e. "civil unions with all the rights of marriage" or "civil unions with rights 'to be determined,'" we were told, "it is premature to ask that as that would not be until 2008."

Don't think that
Reed Hillman, who is Healey's and the GOP's choice for Lt. Governor is any better. When KnowThyNeighbor asked what Hillman's stance was on the subject, the spokeswoman told us, "Reed Hillman believes in everything that Healey does." When I responded with, "surely there must be something that Hillman would like to add or clarify in a statement, " I was told, "No, everything that Kerry Healey says is EXACTLY what Hillman says."