Thursday, September 28, 2006

Healey Was Keynote Speaker at Pro-Abortion Republican Event

Lt. Gov. Healey (2nd from left) with Planned Parenthood women at Republicans for Choice event last April.

[Photo: Planned Parenthood website.]

What are they smiling about? Is it fun to advocate baby killing? Is it a noble cause? Are they raising money so they can encourage the deathly practice?

Back in April
we exposed Planned Parenthood's participation at the overly big-tent Republican state convention. MassEquality was also there with a table promoting sodomy "marriage".

But WORSE was Republican Gov. candidate
Kerry Healey's appearance as KEYNOTE SPEAKER at the Planned Parenthood "Mass. Republicans for Choice" party following the last day of the convention. What a lovely occasion for cocktails! Celebrating a woman's right to "choose" death for her child! Reed Hillman, Healey's running mate for Lt. Gov., was also in attendance as an honored guest. A national representative of "Planned Parenthood Republicans for Choice" was also present.

Remember that
Planned Parenthood doesn't just kill babies. It runs workshops for high school students on Revolutionary Gender Models (promoting transgenderism, bisexuality, and homosexuality) and pushes the most radical sex ed programs in our schools.