Saturday, September 30, 2006

R.I. Lesbian Couple -- and Romney -- Confused

More idiocy from a Massachusetts judge. What's shocking this time is that the arrogant ruling comes from a measly County judge who's proclaimed that a lesbian couple resident in Rhode Island may "marry" in Massachusetts and take the "marriage" back to RI.

What no one seems to realize is that even in Massachusetts their "marriage" is invalid. Let the fools go on living their fantasy. It really doesn't matter, because at least the authorities in RI have the sense to refuse to acknowledge the "marriage":

A Suffolk Superior Court judge ruled yesterday that a lesbian couple from Rhode Island may get married in Massachusetts, finding that Rhode Island's laws do not explicitly prohibit same-sex marriages. Rhode Island officials responded that gay marriages by the state's residents would not be recognized unless the courts [the RI officials are also a little confused] or lawmakers there say so.

Gov. Romney, not to be trusted as a judge of judicial good behavior, said the county judge overstepped his authority. Where was Romney in November 2003, when four justices of the SJC had that same problem?

Romney denounced the Superior Court decision, saying that Connolly overstepped his authority. He called on Reilly to appeal the ruling or appoint a special prosecutor to do so.

"It seems that Massachusetts courts are intent on exporting gay marriage to states that don't permit it," said a statement Romney issued. "A federal marriage amendment may be the best and most reliable way to prevent confusion between the states and preserve the institution of marriage."