Monday, September 18, 2006

Gabrieli & Patrick: Revolutionaries on Sexuality? Or Just Stupid?

So, we have two pansexual revolutionaries running for the Democrat nomination for Governor: Chris Gabrieli and Deval Patrick. As you've seen in our recent postings (starting Sept. 14), they both eagerly participated in a Harvard forum pushing the farthest-out LGBT demands. (If they're not revolutionaries, they're just stupid. Which is worse?)

Revolutionaries want to overthrow the existing order. Revolutionaries abolish true rights (speech, religion, property, fair elections) and establish invented "rights" that guarantee that they - the revolutionary elite -- will continue to hold power. In the social-sexual realm, they seek to establish a pansexual free-for-all (to undermine the traditional family), including homosexual "marriage" (and eventually polygamous and polyandrous "families") and transgender/transsexual/gender-identity "rights". They claim that these disordered perversions are "civil rights", thereby enabling the state to stomp out any dissent as unlawful "discrimination" or "hate speech" or "hate crimes."

Now, one might argue (though we'd disagree) that GLBT citizens have a "right" to state-financed medical treatment for their disorders. But it cannot possibly be argued that it's a "civil right" to come to work or appear in public dressed and "presenting" as a member of the opposite sex. Or to demand that people play along, show no signs of discomfort or revulsion, and use the absurd new pronouns "trans" people are inventing for themselves.

Both Gabrieli and Patrick have pledged to make it unlawful to discriminate against "trans" citizens. So employers could not deny health benefits to pay for hormone treatments, electrolysis, or cosmetic and mutilating sex-change surgeries. And employers could not dismiss a "trans" employee whose presence disrupted a workplace environment for whatever reason (e.g., a teacher who teacher returns after vacation "presenting" as the opposite sex to the little children in his or her charge, or a front-desk worker or cashier whose appearance would force a business to lose customers). And the normal citizen could not react in any (harmless) negative way when encountering such perversion.

Gabrieli and Patrick are ready to jump off a cliff. Their pledge to enact legislation for "trans" non-discrimination and "hate crimes" is every bit as dangerous as setting up a guillotine in the public square. This, along with homosexual "marriage", is societal suicide. Remember, even the GLBT radical "educators" themselves call their "trans" sexuality model "Revolutionary"!

Watch out Massachusetts: Your likely next Governor has pledged to implement this radical scheme.