Sunday, September 10, 2006

Globe Columnist McNamara Wrong: Rep St. Fleur IS Opposed in Primary

Boston Globe columnist Eileen McNamara needs to check her facts. (Or she does she know her facts but choose to print something else?)

McNamara wrongly states that Rep. Marie St. Fleur "is running unopposed." Hey Eileen, there's a primary happening September 19! And St. Fleur has two opponents in the Democrat primary plus a Republican opponent in the general election. See the analysis on the MassResistance web site:

House - 5th Suffolk (Boston/Dorchester)
D - Marie St. Fleur, 45 Hartford St., Boston
D - Severiano Cruz, 38 Dacia St., Boston
D - Roy Owens, 6 Woodville St., Boston
R - Althea Garrison, 644 Dudley St., Boston
Comment: St. Fleur is a poster girl for the homo movement, is horrible on illegal immigration, and has also been in the press with tax problems [remember that St. Fleur is Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee!] and messy marital problems. Roy Owens is practically the opposite -- super pro-family and strong on the issues. He would be a GREAT replacement for the horrid St. Fleur. Althea Garrison is described as "transgendered" in the press, but interestingly is pretty good on our issues.

McNamara wants to hit Tom Reilly over his handling of his St. Fleur problem, but at the same time remain positive on St. Fleur. It's ironic that McNamara's column is titled, "It's time for the truth."