Monday, September 11, 2006

More Perverted Theatre for the Boston Elites

The artsy set will soon run out of perversions to glorify... Last year they drooled over their bestiality-as-metaphor play (Albee's "The Goat" ), and now they're trying to match it with a one-man show called "I Am My Own Wife." It's about a "German transvestite who navigated a path between the two most repressive regimes the Western world has ever known -- the Nazis and the communists -- in a pair of heels."

The playwright, Doug Wright, also perpetrated
"Quills", a dishonest portrayal of the Marquis de Sade in his final days at an insane asylum. (Just to show how open-minded we are, check out this intriguing, highly critical review of that travesty on the World Socialist Web Site, of all places!)

We suggest this new drama be balanced by a reading of
The Pink Swastika, which "documents that homosexual victims [of the Nazis] were few, while homosexual perpetrators among the Nazi elite were many and powerful."