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Why Kevin Jennings' GLSEN Got Award at Mass. Youth Pride 2007

"Safe Schools" czar Kevin Jennings founded and ran GLSEN. He was still executive director of that organization when it received special recognition in May 2007 at Massachusetts Youth Pride. GLSEN is behind the GSA clubs (gay/straight alliances) in the schools which funnel kids to this event. This is where GLSEN and Jennings want kids to be. We first posted this in a state of shock after seeing these huge, frightening transgender men mingling with children at that 2007 event.

from MassResistance blog, 5-28-07:

GLSEN &Youth Pride Connecting Teens Directly to World of Promiscuous GLBT Sex ...

Or, Why They Don't Want Us to Take Photos at Youth Pride

"Performer" at Youth Pride, May 12, 2007
Another "Performer" at Youth Pride on May 12: "Becca D'Bus"

Was this 35-year-old man, "Princess Diana" the "performer" at YOUTH PRIDE (see top photo) and BAGLY Prom?

GLSEN Boston was given an award (along with Governor Deval Patrick) at Youth Pride on May 12, sponsored by the Massachusetts Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth. What do these groups promote?At Youth Pride, we saw a huge man in a black dress mingling with young teens. We were told by an organizer that he was an official "performer" that day (both for the Youth Pride rally and parade, and the BAGLY queer prom at Boston City Hall later that night). On what we think is his MySpace, a friend posts "Rock out with your c**k out."

Another apparently official "performer" at Youth Pride was the huge trans club entertainer calling himself "Becca D'Bus". See his YouTube video here [“I’m not your f**king baby”]

The GLSEN Boston MySpace (linked prominently on GLSEN's web site) highlights a "drag queen" named "Miss Gay South Shore, Della Prescott"), who says he was also present at Youth Pride. He is doing several fundraisers for GLSEN Boston at disreputable venues: the apparently GLBT Randolph Country Club (no wonder Randolph is advertising in Bay Windows for school administrators), and the new "gay" bar in Taunton, Bobby's Place. (A further link -- how many can we stand??? -- these photos of Bobby's Place were taken by convicted sex offender Bill Berggren of InNewsWeekly and the Boston Pride committee!)

From Della Prescott's "friends" on his MySpace, we found another drag performer, male, 35, from New Bedford, who calls himself "Princess Diana". If we're not mistaken, this is the big fat drag queen "performer" hired by Youth Pride as an "outreach" to teens from across Massachusetts. (Who exactly paid for his services?)

GLSEN Boston also links to Mr. Gay South Shore (which posts pornographic photos), where you read: "Don't f*** with me, fellas. This isn't my first time at the rodeo!" Male - 27 years old - FALL RIVER." This links in turn to such "safe spaces" as "Rock Hard Rocky" (which goes back to Bobby's Place and Della Prescott). GLSEN Boston also links kids directly to one David Goulart, editor of, a foul Internet directory of the worst sex clubs and even "circuit parties" (orgy destinations) -- and business partner of Boston's homosexual newspaper, Bay Windows.


Now what if a group of heterosexual adults connected with the public schools, for example an athletic booster club, were to hold a fundraiser at some strip club in Boston? Or a porn theater? Would that pass public muster? What other group with privileged access in our schools could brazenly lead kids to sex hook-up clubs? What other "sexual orientation" could lead school children to pornographic photos of its desired sex objects? Why does the homosexual lobby get a pass on communicating its X-rated connections directly to children -- including personal, face-to-face introductions at Youth Pride?

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Details on a GLSEN Lesson Plan in American History

Here's a lesson plan similar to what "Safe Schools czar" Kevin Jennings might have used when he taught American history at Concord Academy. One of his GLSEN disciples, a teacher at the Harvard, Mass. high school, described her lesson plan in great detail at the 2001 GLSEN-Boston conference (maybe after picking up a fisting kit?).  Ed Oliver reported for Massachusetts News:

A ninth-grade social studies teacher at Bromfield School in the town of Harvard, Kathleen Doherty, plans to incorporate “gay rights” into her U.S. History class this spring. It will not be the only school in Massachusetts where children will be taught about “gay rights.” Doherty revealed her plans to other teachers at the Fistgate II conference held by GLSEN at Tufts University on March 24. She wanted to encourage the teachers to do the same in their schools.

Although it is not advertised, this is one of the main objectives of the annual GLSEN conference, to train teachers about how to incorporate homosexuality into various school subjects. Afterwards, teachers fan out across the state better equipped to carry the gay gospel into the local schools.

GLSEN does not like to call attention to that fact, however. For instance, in a recent press release about the Fistgate II conference, GLSEN said over 40 workshops were offered on a wide range of topics, but the press release listed only a few uncontroversial examples that deal with name-calling and bullying. Not mentioned in the press release are the numerous workshops that offer advice on how to push homosexuality in the classroom starting with pre-school.

The title of Doherty’s workshop was “Gay Rights 101: Incorporating the Basics of the Gay Rights Movement Into Your U.S. History Curriculum.”

Doherty told attendees that she is concerned about how the students and the parents at her school in Harvard will respond. She has already taught the subject to the Gay/Straight Alliance, of which she is the advisor. She said they liked it.

In the workshop at Fistgate II, Doherty lectured, showed film clips and provided the following outline of the gay rights lessons that she will be giving to her class.

- The cold war years are portrayed as the dark ages of ignorance and repression. Doherty casts homosexuals as a persecuted minority harassed by President Eisenhower, the federal government, and the military. She explained that homosexuals were once thought to be security risks because they are unstable and susceptible to blackmail. For those reasons, homosexuals were routinely denied and dismissed from federal jobs and discharged from the military. ...

- Doherty recommended using the black civil rights movement of the sixties as a platform to teach about the homosexual movement. She suggested one way to introduce homosexuals into a U.S. history class would be to ask students, “What other groups were energized by the civil rights movement?”

Doherty said there are lots of parallels to the civil rights movement you could draw such as, “Should you try to assimilate and gradually gain respect, or should you demand it?”...

- According to Doherty, the 1969 “Stonewall Riots” were the beginning of the modern gay rights movement. In that incident, the police raided a Greenwich Village gay bar on a charge of selling alcohol without a license. Three nights of rioting ensued. Doherty said you can compare it to Rosa Parks refusing to give up her seat on the bus.

Doherty suggested showing to students video clips from “Before Stonewall” and its companion video “After Stonewall.” One clip shows a middle-aged man being interviewed on camera while wearing a blue suit and a woman’s flowery sunbonnet. Doherty, with a straight face, said the kids would probably snicker and giggle at that clip and it might have to be replayed. She suggested using that clip as an opportunity to show how Stonewall emboldened homosexuals to dress and act the way they really are, rather than try to conform to society’s norms. ...  

Doherty said one small way she incorporates the issue of gay rights into her classroom is by using the word “gay” more frequently to prompt discussion. “They will respond, they are interested,” she said.

An advocacy handout from Doherty titled, “What One Teacher Can Do: A Checklist,” categorizes as “Low Risk,” “Some Risk,” and “Greater Risk,” actions a teacher might take to “create a safe and equitable” classroom and school. It does not specify what is meant by “risk.” Risk of angry parents? Risk of being fired? ...

Check out the Massachusetts News report for more detail. Was anyone listening in 2001?

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Kevin Jennings' GLSEN Handed Out "Fisting Kits" to Young Teens in 2001

Great to see Gateway Pundit and Breitbart posting the truth about Kevin Jennings' GLSEN indoctrination materials.

Michelle Malkin drew attention to GLSEN way back in 1997. Linda Harvey of MissionAmerica exposed GLSEN's readings in 2002. And Brian Camenker of Parents' Rights Coalition (now MassResistance) exposed the Fistgate incident in 2000, and the Little Black Book in 2005. But the time apparently wasn't ripe. Now that GLSEN founder and leader Jennings is Obama's "Safe Schools czar," people are finally starting to pay attention to what he's been pushing in schools across America for 20 years.

GLSEN -- under Jennings' guidance -- didn't just recommend reading materials or lead discussions on fisting. Just one year after GLSEN-Boston's infamous Fistgate conference, they handed out "fisting kits"to young teens at their 2001 conference, held again at Tufts University:

[photo: Massachusetts News, March 2001]

Planned Parenthood, long-time GLSEN ally, brought enough kits for everyone and laid them out on their table for all to take.  Massachusetts News reported, "Out of approximately 650 attendees, about 400 of those were students."

Massachusetts News, March 26, 2001
Planned Parenthood of Massachusetts distributed kits for fisting and oral sex. They contained a single plastic glove, a package of K-Y lubricant and instructions on how to make a “dental dam” out of the material.
The instructions explained how to cut up the glove with scissors until all that remains is a rubber rectangle with the “thumb” portion protruding from the middle. “Use the thumb space for your tongue,” say the directions. 
The label on the ziplocked package says, “protects against STD’s,” and bears the Planned Parenthood logo and phone number. 
GLSEN (Gay Lesbian and Straight Education Network) got into trouble last year for hosting a workshop that gave young teens explicit how-to instructions on homosexual sex practices such as “fisting.” The ensuing scandal was subsequently dubbed “Fistgate.” 
Regarding “dental dams,” Dr. John Diggs, a specialist in internal medicine who lectures about STDs, said that the kits create a false sense of security. “I’ve written a brochure about this whole thing,” he said. “The way I describe it is, I ask ‘How many people want to take a bite of a sandwich without taking the wrapper off?’ ‘How many people want to suck on balloons?’ Nobody does.” 
Diggs said when you encourage kids to use such a barrier by saying it is “safe,” then when it comes time for them to use it, they find they don’t like it and throw it aside. Because they are already in an aroused condition they continue on and increase the chances of spreading STD’s orally like syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, HIV, human hepaloma virus and hepatitis B.

A lone protester showed up that day. A disgruntled Tufts alumna, her sign read:

Shame on TUFTS. 
Marginalizing Christians. 
Promoting dangerous lifestyles.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Hate Mail Reveals Depth of Indoctrination in Massachusetts High School

After our report on the latest GLBT&P (for polyamory) indoctrination ploy at Concord-Carlisle High School (the student production of "Falsettos"), we received some hate mail. It clearly reveals the effectiveness of years of propaganda in this liberal community. How sad that the birthplaces of the American Revolution have been taken over by destructive radical ideas. Here are some unedited examples:

From: Anonymous
Sent: Tuesday, December 01, 2009
I would like to point out that your close minded, idiotic antics to keep people from truly expressing themselves and being able to be accepting is depraved and disturbing. JESUS WAS GAY, BITCHES!!!!!!!!! My point is that you need to relax and allow everyone to express themselves. I am a student at Concord-Carlisle, where we have NEVER had homosexual messages forced upon us, but we have been given the option to understand who other people are. We relish the opportunity to learn about differences in others- if we want to. Don't force your horrifically single-minded views on people who want to make a difference and will not be suffocated under such unaccepting bullshit.
PS Peter Atlas is the most amusing, amazing, OUTSTANDING teacher in the entire school. He's not aftaid to express himself but it only expands the acceptance that we are lucky enough to have at our school. Without such acceptance, we would be... well, just like you. Laughed at by the country for being so idiotic.


From: A.H.
Sent: Monday, November 30, 2009
This message is in response to your article about the musical Concord-Carlisle High School will be doing soon this season, Falsettos.
The person who wrote this article obviously has a very shallow understanding of this musical. True on the surface the play is everything that this writer has stated but, if we only based our opinions on what we see on the surface; Then this writer should have no problem with me calling him a homophobic, chauvinistic, close minded bigot. The problem lies in that I have no personal interaction with this writer therefore, it would not be acceptable for me to make these assumptions.
This musical focuses on family, love, sacrifice, and loss; all of which I'm sure this writer can't relate to in his personal life. I invite this writer to take an honest second look to discover that no matter what sexual orientation, family situation, or religious belief; there are simple truths, which this musical explores, that we all encounter in our lives that connect us at a very basic level.


From: Z
Sent: Monday, November 30, 2009
The article about Falsettos at Concord-Carlisle High School is wildly inappropriate. The show demonstrates that love is love no matter who is doing and receiving the loving. It is a realistic show about families that break up and change because of a difficult time one is going through. I have many close friends in the show and an outraged and offended that someone would print an article like this. You should be ashamed of yourselves.


From: Anonymous
Sent: Monday, November 30, 2009
You need to stop this intolerance and hate directed towards the students and adminstration of Concord Carlisle High School. Stop now, you are making me sick to my stomach reading some of your bigoted and prejudiced remarks. Do you realize students are receiving hate mail? This is probably in large part to your ignorant hate spreading articles. Please stop this insanity and welcome yourself to the 21st century where people are tolerant of other lifestyles.


From: Concerned
Sent: Monday, November 30, 2009
As a member of a neighboring community, I am shocked and appalled at your gross accusations and lies against this show, CCHS, and Mr. Peter Atlas. First off, I know this school well and people who go and work there week in and week out, and your scathing and completely inappropriate article is one of the most outrageous things I have ever had the misfortune to read. I am genuinely afraid that there are people like you out there who seek to promote such misguided ideals. That being said, Mr. Atlas is a wonderful whom I have had the pleasure of meeting and from whom I have learned about the show. I have listened to the professional recording of the show, and the lyrics you posted, as well as many others in the show, are meant in jest and in good humor, and are not meant to be misappropriated and taken out-of-context as you so skillfully have done. To utterly bash the weeks and months of hard work these students and adults into this show is wrong and undermines everything ! they have worked to accomplish. I can only hope that radicals like this group will die out soon and realize the error of their ways. I know I'll be next weekend, as will any person who appreciates good theater and doesn't hate normal people and characters. Yes, normal.


From: M.T.F.
Sent: Tuesday, December 01, 2009
City, State, Zip: Concord, MA 01742
I just sent this letter to the principal at CCHS:
Dear Mr. Badalament,
In response to the article about Falsettos in the MassResistance blog, I just wanted to write and express my unequivocal support for the presentation of this musical at CCHS, my support for the teacher who is directing it, and my support for the tolerant atmosphere promoted at CCHS towards differences, including sexual orientation. I think it is very important for young people to see a variety of different families, and to feel that they are loved and supported regardless of their sexual orientation or other differences.
I am very glad that my son is a student at CCHS where this open and tolerant attitude is the norm. You can feel free to quote from this letter and to use my name if that would be useful in any way.
Best regards,

Monday, November 30, 2009

The Attack on Christmas Continues – Boston Style

Ready for a Boston-style assault on Christmas? Check out “The Slutcracker” coming to the Somerville Theatre. It’s a celebration of strippers, sadomasochism, transsexuals, and “the carefree realm of sexual fantasy.” Of course, the blurbs in Boston Magazine, the Boston Herald, or the Boston Globe only hint at how raunchy it is.

Unbelievably, the Boston Herald even jokes about sexual abuse of children in its Holiday Arts Preview:

And if the Santa Claus in your life needs some lovin’, “The Slutcracker” may be just the thing to set the mood. A parody retelling of the classic, written and directed by Vanessa White, this sexy, freaky, holiday, zeitgeist spectacular runs at the Somerville Theatre Dec. 10-20. Let’s just hope Drosselmeyer doesn’t do anything illegal with the kids.

What a holiday message.

Boston Magazine downplays the content:

Bringing Burlesque back to Boston, The Slutcracker dance-theater production features can-can dancers, drag kings, hoopers, ballerinas, acrobats, belly dancers, and more. In the "adults only" performance, the virginal Clara takes a detour from her trip through The Land of Snow and The Land of Sweets to embark on a journey into her own sexual awakening.

A photo from the 2008 production rehearsal illustrates the S+M content: 

Instead of dancing around a nutcracker, "Slutcracker" provides a giant candycane dildo:

All worthy of praise from the Boston press:

“This is some next-level shit.”Boston Phoenix
“Destined to be a holiday classic.” – Fox 25 News

The Boston Globe recommends “Slutcracker” along with other “edgy” holiday time shows, beginning with a mention of a "holiday" event at the vile Ramrod gay bar. Also:

The Salem Theatre Company is offering … Jeff Goode’s “The Eight: Reindeer Monologues,’’ a show open only to audience members 18 and older. “Monologues’’ follows a scandal at the North Pole when one of Santa’s reindeers accuses him of sexual harassment. The company is calling its holiday programming “Naughty & Nice.’’ Gary LaParl, the Salem company’s executive director [says] “Christmas isn’t always about the nice stuff. We wanted to do something a little edgier.’’ The same can be said for “The Slutcracker,’’ a holiday burlesque show running at the Somerville Theatre next month. It’s definitely only for viewers 18 and older.
The “carefree sexual fantasy” show stars a troupe of strippers and a transsexual male-to-female stripper who brags of working “in NYC as a professional domme for various houses of domination” and proudly relates his “safe sex” education work:

I began volunteering at Gay Men’s Health Crisis as a Peer for the House of Latex Project in 1998 and eventually became a full time staff member. I was “Big Sis” of the House of Latex, a legendary ever-walking, ever-serving HIV prevention and education house that represents at balls within the ballroom community.... I have been an advocate for the health and wellness of the Transgender community and Sex Industry workers since 1997. I am very well-known and respected within the LGBTQ community nationally.... I became a full-time staff member at Cambridge Cares About AIDS in March 2009 as the Health Educator and Web Designer of TransCEND; a community-based HIV prevention and health education program of Cambridge Cares About AIDS (CCA) by and for transgender women. TransCEND provides 1 on 1 counseling and group support, HIV counseling and testing, referrals to transgender friendly legal and medical providers, safer sex and injection supplies, hygiene products, complimentary cosmetics and have a welcoming community safe space.

Massachusetts taxpayer funds have gone to Cambridge Cares About AIDS (associated with AIDS Action Committee of Mass.). Note that this transsexual exhibitionist is listed as Health Educator/Web Designer for the TransCEND program at "Cambridge Cares About AIDS."

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Concord-Carlisle High School's “Falsettos” Promotes Polyamory, Bisexuality and Homosexuality

Concord-Carlisle High School is promoting a take-down of family values on Thanksgiving Day – engineered by Mr. Peter Atlas, an old friend of Kevin Jennings (Obama’s “Safe Schools czar” and founder of GLSEN).

Peter Atlas, Concord-Carlisle High School 
Math Teacher and Gay Activist 
[photo: Boston Globe]

A few years back, we reported on Concord-Carlisle High School’s disgraceful hosting of the Boston Gay Men’s Chorus on Palm Sunday. Now they’re at it again. Under the direction of perennial gay-activist CCHS math teacher Peter Atlas, CCHS students are performing “Falsettos in December -- a musical pushing polyamory, bisexuality and homosexuality. Community residents are very concerned about the production’s vulgar sexuality and anti-family message. Not content with inflicting this on the community in the weeks before Christmas, the school has added a sneak preview scheduled on Thanksgiving Day

A few words on Mr. Atlas. An ally of GLSEN founder/Obama “Safe Schools czar” Kevin Jennings, both Atlas and Jennings were young gay activist teachers in Concord, Massachusetts in the 1990s. Atlas was a board member of GLSEN Boston in the 90’s.  Atlas followed the GLSEN playbook and “came out” at CCHS in 1993 in the student newspaper. He was the original adviser to Spectrum, the Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) club at the CCHS.

Peter Atlas, the advisor to SPECTRUM, came out by publishing a letter in his school's newspaper on National Coming Out Day. His motivation was twofold: First, he did it for the students. "It was an attempt to alleviate some of the fear, shame, loneliness, and despair of kids in the high school today that I also felt as a closeted teen." And second, he did it for himself and other staff members. "It takes much more energy to be closeted than it does to come out." He explained. "All of the energy I used in worrying that I would say the wrong thing is now freed up to do other things. I think I'm a much more effective teacher now on many levels." He said that after coming out, "I got tremendous support which surprised me.

He’s also behind a pro-homosexual teachers’ coalition there: 

Peter Atlas, a teacher at Concord-Carlisle High School, said that his school has formed a committee on Gay and Lesbian Student Safety. The committee has two faculty sub-groups in addition to the Gay/Straight Alliance. One sub-group deals with issues of Curriculum and Support by addressing ways that teachers can integrate gay and lesbian issues into the curriculum and offering faculty training, gathering resources. The second sub-group deals with Outreach to the Community by looking at ways to solicit resources and help from the community and to address concerns of the community and parents.

We’ve heard that he gave a speech at a recent CCHS commencement where he talked about “queering” math (his subject). Two years ago, the Boston Globe revealed he offers matchmaking advice to “gay” teens: 

Peter Atlas, the former adviser of Concord-Carlisle's Spectrum group, says that, increasingly, gay kids who turn up at his classroom aren't only asking questions about coming out and getting support. "They want to know where they can meet boys!" he says with a laugh.

Now Mr. Atlas is queering the school's theatre department with "Falsettos". Synopsis from Wikipedia:
It's 1979 in New York City, and Marvin, his son Jason, his psychiatrist Mendel and his male lover Whizzer are Four Jews In A Room Bitching (well, technically, Whizzer's only "half Jewish"). Marvin steps forward to explain his situation: He has left his wife, Trina, for Whizzer, but Marvin wants A Tight-Knit Family and is attempting to forge a new family situation with the addition of Whizzer, a situation no one is happy with.
Trina, on Marvin’s recommendation, pays a visit to Mendel where she wearily wonders how her life has turned out this way. Mendel, who is instantly attracted to her, tries to console her, telling her that Love is Blind. Meanwhile, Marvin and Whizzer comment on their relationship: the two have very little in common, apart from the fact that they both love fighting and are insanely attracted to each other. Both worry that The Thrill of First Love is wearing off.

Here’s a sampling of “Falsettos” song titles:
·      My Father’s a Homo
·      Everyone Hates His Parents
·      Days Like This I Almost Believe in God
·      Four Jews in a Room Bitching

And a quick look at some “Falsettos” lyrics:

My father’s a homo
My mother’s not thrilled at all
Father homo:
What about chromo-
Do they carry?
Will they carry?
Who’s the homo now?
My father said that one day I’ll grow to be president
And that idea’s not so wild
I don’t live the life of a normal child
‘Cause I’m too smart for my own good
And I’m too good for my sorry little life
My mother’s no wife
And my father’s no man
No man at all

We are manipulating people and we need to know
Our worst sides aren't ignored.
We charge ahead to show--
MENDEL: We're good in bed.
(WHIZZER puts his hand on MENDEL's shoulder.)
WHIZZER: Excel in bed.
(MARVIN puts his hand on WHIZZER's shoulder.)
MARVIN: We smell in bed.
(WHIZZER puts his hand on MARVIN's. JASON picks up the bed and hides it behind his back.)
JASON: Where is the bed?
MENDEL: I love the bed. …
Four Jews in a room bitching (wheee!)
Four Jews talking like Jew-ish men
I'm neurotic, he's neurotic,
They're neurotic, we're neurotic.
Bitch bitch bitch bitch
Funny funny funny funny.

Well, the situation’s this
It’s not tough to comprehend
I divorced my wife
I left my child
And I ran off with a friend
But I want a tight-knit family
I want a group that harmonizes
I want my wife and kid and friend
To pretend
Time will mend
Our pain.
So I make them interact
So I don’t go by the book
We all eat as one-
Wife, friend, and son-
And I sing out as I cook
“I want a tight-knit family.
I hope you all enjoy linguine.
Talk till you hear the dinner bell.
Such a dear clientele.
I swear we’re gonna come through it.
I fear we’ll probably fight,
But nothing’s impossible.
Live by your wit-“
Kid, wife, and lover will have to admit
I was right
I cushioned the fall
I want it all
I want it all
I want it…

Love is Blind 
[Wife Trina & psychiatrist Mendel]
Love is a mess
So’s my son, expressly to hurt me
Marvin, my ex-
You’ve seen him for years-
Told me over the phone to tell you my fears
Do you only treat queers?
Breathe deep, my dear
You’ll find me understanding
Your pain is a priori
Unfold you untold story
Now to break bread
Loosen your glands
Put your head in my hands
I’m everything he wanted
It’s time I put it all together
The date was set
My father let my marry
I married. I…
Then Marvin came from work
Sat me down on the bed
He told me how he loved me
How needed, that thought valued me
I have…
MENDEL:  What?
MARVIN (as Trina mouths this): Syphilis
TRINA:  He said
TRINA:  I have
MARVIN (Trina mouths):  Syphilis
TRINA:  It’s true
TRINA:  I had something rotten
Which appears thought now it’s well forgo, an’
MARVIN:  Maybe, darling, so do you
TRINA:  Maybe, darling, so do you
TRINA (to Marvin):  I am probably diseased
MENDEL:  You’re a lovely girl
TRINA (to Marvin):  And so easily appeased
MENDEL:  What a lovely girl, though she’s probably diseased
TRINA:  He took pains to not excite us
He explains I’ve…
MARVIN:  Hepatitis
Hepa hepa hepatitis hepatitis hepatitis
Love is blind
Love can tell a million stories
Love’s unkind
Spiteful in a million ways

I’d like to be a princess on a throne
To have a country I can call my own
And a king
Who’s lusty and requires a fling
With a female thing
Great, men will be men
Let me turn on the gas
I saw them in the den with
Marvin grabbing Whizzer’s ass…
I only want to love a man who can love me
Or like me
Marvin was never mine
He took his meetings in the boy’s latrine
I used to cry
He’d make a scene
I’d rather die
Than dry-clean
Marvin’s wedding gown…

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Mass. House of Representatives Did NOT Issue Transgender Proclamation

The Bay Windows headline reads:
"House of Reps. offers proclamation in support of Transgender Day of Remembrance"
 (Hannah Clay Wareham, Bay Windows (11-17-09).

Problem is, the House of Representatives does not issue proclamations (though the Governor does). We just called the House Clerk who said there was no official House action along these lines on the 17th, and the House was only in "informal session" that day.  So, was the House Clerk wrong?

The Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition has posted a congratulatory document signed by Speaker of the House Robert DeLeo and two radical Reps. (Sciortino and Rushing), along with a state senator, and says the "entire membership [of the House] extends its very best wishes and expresses the hope for future good fortune and continued success in all endeavors."

Sounds like every Representative supports the transgender rights bill? and they've already essentially voted on it? Why don't they just issue a document saying Bill H1728 is hereby passed with a few signatures thrown on?

If you read the Bay Windows story closely, it sounds like a few radical Reps posed for a photograph somewhere in the State House with Gunner Scott, the female-to-male head of the Massachusetts Transgender Coalition. She loves to get her face out there.

Rep. Carl Sciortino (right), along with other Representatives and State Senators gathered at the State House on Tuesday, acknowledged the work of Gunner Scott (left) and the MTPC.
"Rep. Carl Sciortino (right), along with other Representatives and State Senators 
gathered at the State House on Tuesday, 
acknowledged the work of Gunner Scott (left) and the MTPC.  
(Source: Hannah Clay Wareham)"  - Bay Windows

"Members of the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition (MTPC) and family members of those who have been murdered for being transgender gathered at the Massachusetts State House on Nov. 17 to witness a proclamation given in support of this week’s upcoming Transgender Day of Remembrance by the House of Representatives.

"Rep. Carl Sciortino (D) offered introductions at the meeting that aimed to 'honor the celebrations and awareness happening this week' and showcase the 'very real stories of struggle and pain and mourning.' ..."

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Romney Strikes Again: Pushes "Gay & Transgender Rights" Ordinance in Salt Lake City

When we heard the news that the city council in Salt Lake City just approved a "gay rights" ordinance (covering both "sexual orientation" and "gender identity"), we knew in our gut that Mitt Romney was behind it. Remember, he's running for President in 2012. He wouldn't want to appear a "bigot".

Sure enough... A homosexual blog connected to an anti-Mormon documentary  ("8: The Mormon Proposition") on the Proposition 8 defeat of "gay marriage" in California posted this:

On November 10, 2009 several highly placed people featured in the upcoming documentary film 8: THE MORMON PROPOSITION were contacted by well-placed people inside the Mormon Church in anticipation of an "historic statement against discrimination" to be made by the Mormon Church.

They were told, "Watch what we are about to do. You will be pleased."

At this hour gays and lesbians all over the world hope that the Mormon Church's announcement will not be yet another Mormon public relations smoke screen and result in action that will result in full marriage equality for the LGBT community world-wide.

Since the release of the trailer for 8: THE MORMON PROPOSITION, intense scrutiny has been focused on Mormon involvement in the passage of Proposition 8 and allegations that the Mormon Church set up the infamous NATIONAL ORGANIZATION FOR MARRIAGE which was the key player in Maine's recent ban on gay marriage.

Sources close to those who called our cast and production team alerting us to the upcoming Mormon statement on discrimination say that Mormon Mitt Romney has recently put pressure on his own church to extend an olive branch to the gay community to try and deflate the anticipated negative press that will come from the release of 8: THE MORMON PROPOSITION that would likely damage his hope for a successful 2012 presidential bid.

Ironically (and we suspect in step with the Mormon's anticipated statement on discrimination) Mormon-owned KSL TV released an article on their web site saying "Romney appears to be front-runner in 2012 election."

The homosexual blog Towleroad picked up the Mitt Romney connection.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Counterfeit Marriage Rejected in Maine

Press Release from Matt Barber at Liberty Counsel:

Lynchburg, VA – Matt Barber, Director of Cultural Affairs with both Liberty Counsel and Liberty Alliance Action, issued the following statement on news that the voters of Maine have rejected counterfeit “same-sex marriage” by 53% - 47%:

“There’s good news and bad news here,” said Barber. “The good news is that even in one of the most liberal States in the Union, Maine, the people have once again rejected the ridiculous and oxymoronic notion of ‘same sex marriage.’ The momentum has again shifted – hopefully for good this time – in favor of protecting legitimate marriage. A counterfeit is a counterfeit. An orange is an orange no matter how much you want it to be a turnip. This isn’t about ‘marriage.’ It’s about hurting and broken people desperately seeking affirmation of an objectively deviant lifestyle. One that, even in their heart of hearts, they know to be a dead end. As for the militant ‘No on 1’ homosexual activists? I’m reminded of spoiled children dressing up and playing house, refusing to come in when mom calls for dinner.

“Here’s the bad news. The margin of victory could have been greater. Many behind the ‘Yes on 1’ campaign, rather than simply telling the truth, chose the Neville Chamberlain approach. They merely circled the wagons around the word ‘marriage,’ even suggesting that ‘domestic partnerships’ (‘gay marriages’ by another name) are acceptable. This makes no sense. If that’s a viable compromise, then why not simply allow 'gay' duos the word ‘marriage’? It’s an incongruity that demands an explanation. This is an historic battle for the minds and souls of our children – for our very culture. The mealy-mouthed approach must end. This is not just about ‘marriage.’ It has everything to do with forced affirmation of homosexuality – under penalty of law. Indeed everyone who fought hard to defend marriage in Maine is to be congratulated, but if it weren’t for a brave group of truth tellers – Paul Madore, Peter LaBarbera and Brian Camenker [of MassResistance] – who came to Maine in the final hour to hold a press conference and address the pink elephant in the room – homosexual deviancy and the radical ‘gay’ agenda – counterfeit marriage might have prevailed.”