Monday, December 05, 2005

Culture of Death = Abortion + Homosexuality

Our recent conversations with C. J. Doyle (Catholic Action League of Mass.) and Bill Cotter (Operation Rescue Boston) have made crystal clear the connection between supporters of abortion and homosexual "rights". The culture of death embraces both of these movements, as they embrace each other.

The overlap between the two activist groups is significant. It's no coincidence that State House hearings on parents' rights or homosexuality teachings in the schools, for example, attract testimony from both Planned Parenthood (and other abortion advocates) and homosexual activist groups.

Often, we see a powerful figure such as Mayor Thomas Menino of Boston who brings it all together in one unsightly package. Other examples are Gov. Schwarzenegger's new chief of staff, and "married" lesbian who is also a leading pro-abortion advocate. In our own circles, we know "liberals" who mindlessly swallow both viewpoints in the hopes of looking or feeling "progressive".

See WorldNetDaily : "The abortion-homosexual connection" by Robert Knight (Dec. 2); also "Abortion increases suicide risk" (Dec. 2).