Thursday, December 22, 2005

How David Parker's Life Has Changed

There's a decent article on Lexington father David Parker in today's Boston Globe Northwest section. In a series called "5 whose lives changed," it's relatively fair and accurate. We have some quibbles:

1. Nowhere does the article mention the fact that there's a LAW in Massachusetts which gives parents the right to opt their children out of curriculum dealing with "human sexuality" issues. This means that David Parker wasn't just camping out in the Principal's office on a whim. He was standing up for the legal rights of parents in this state, and the SCHOOL was violating the law. The article says Parker wouldn't leave the meeting "until school officials made assurances that they would comply with his wishes." [emphasis added]

2. The school had agreed to work out an accommodation with David Parker before the meeting began. It was the school that did not live up to its end of the deal.

3. The article says: "Parker feels the legalization of gay marriage in Massachusetts has curbed his rights as a parent. Because gay marriage is legal, he said, it is harder for him to raise questions about mentions of it in school."

But this is not quite accurate. Homosexual "marriage" is not legal. An out-of-control court ruled they thought it should be. No statute has been passed by the legislature, or signed into law by the Governor. However, there is a law giving parents the right to be informed and opt their children out of this subject in the public schools. Parker is of course right in sensing that this ruling has energized the homosexual activism in our schools.