Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Haskins on Romney's "Gay Marriage" Blunders

MassResistance has pointed out over and over that homosexual "marriages" are STILL not legal in Massachusetts, and that Governor Mitt Romney and our state legislature violated their oaths to uphold the Constitution on this matter. There's an excellent piece by John Haskins summarizing Romney's blunders which ran in WorldNetDaily on December 24. Excerpts:

Conservative pundits, political leaders and activists have answered the constitutional, moral and sociological aberration of "homosexual marriage" in a way the far left could only have fantasized they would.

Surely someone in the conservative establishment knows that Massachusetts' homosexual "marriages" remain illegal and cannot be legal unless the Legislature passes a new law. Here is the stark reality that conservatives patting Gov. Mitt Romney on the back can't grasp: In one of the greatest executive blunders in American constitutional history, placebo-"conservative" Romney violated the state constitution and personally conjured up sodomy marriages by ordering state officials – in effect – to pretend that the Legislature had actually passed such a law. Mitt Romney, out of ignorance and sheer terror of being branded "homophobic" by the media, violated his oath of office, struck down constitutional democracy and saved our legislators their responsibility of voting – and by voting, putting their jobs on the line.

Massachusetts' outlaw judges must have soiled their underwear laughing in shock, seeing a "conservative" Republican governor stupid enough to enforce a law that had never even been passed. Even their ruling specifically acknowledged that a law must be passed before any legality could be conferred on sodomy "marriages." No knowledgeable person who is not trying to trick you will ever tell you that a court ruling is a law, or that judges can make laws. A sixth-grader can read the Massachusetts Constitution and understand the plain language.