Monday, December 19, 2005

Pied Pipers of Trans Perversion

It's not enough to have our noses rubbed in a "gay cowboy" movie. Now Hollywood and its media allies are pushing a new movie, "Transamerica", about a man who "becomes" a woman. Of course, the real problem is that this perversion is not just being pushed on adults -- the schools are brainwashing our children to think it is just a part of normal life in America, and maybe they should even consider the "trans" lifestyle for themselves!

The movie "Transamerica" is about a male-to-female "transsexual" -- or is it "transgender"? One review in the Boston Herald calls the character "transsexual", the other says "transgender".

The terminology confusion is important. It reveals that this insanity is gaining ground so fast that even its participants can't keep up, even they don't know how to describe what they're involved in! (Maybe one of our GLBTQIP readers could clear up the confusion. Isn't "transsexual" when you have the operations, hormone injections, hair removal, etc.; but "transgender" is basically cross-dressing or play acting?)

It's interesting that the protagonist in "Transamerica" is played by a real female. This of course keeps the audience from feeling the full force of the perversion involved. We've encountered trans people, and they do not come across as it appears the lovely actress does in the movie...

And what a lighthearted, fun movie it is! The star, Felicity Huffman, says:

Before her character can have his final operation, he must confront the 17-year-old son (Kevin Zegers) he never knew he fathered. As the two travel across the country, “Transamerica” becomes an odd-couple comedy.

“I know when you first think of an independent movie about a transgender woman, you go, ‘Oh, it’s gonna be dark, violent and upsetting, and I’ll take it like medicine.’ But it’s actually an adorable ride. It’s a comedy - with some dramatic moments. I think if you could just give it five minutes, you’ll see it’s an indie version of a chick flick. It’s really a fun watch.”

And what fun the surgery must be! Speaking of the "sex reassignment" surgery, link here for the "neo-vagina" constructive surgery (penile inversion technique) that the hero/heroine of the movie undergoes. (Would this be a "fun watch"?) These diagrams come from, where BAGLY (Boston Assoc. of Gay, Lesbian & Transgender Youth) leads our teenagers on their resource page!

This group, BAGLY, is blessed by our Mass. Dept. of Education and Governor's Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth. And the "Gay-Straight Alliance" clubs in high schools across the state refer our children to this group.

So why would anyone object to this movie? Our schools are already teaching this stuff! Just last week at Newton North High School, the executive director of BAGLY, a male-to-female "trans" (see 2nd photo in link) gave a talk. The Pied Pipers of trans perversion have already taken over our schools.