Sunday, December 18, 2005

Mr. Hetero Contest Sponsored by Mass. Pastor

Now here's a pastor with nerve. Tom Crouse of the Holland Congregational Church is promoting a "Mr. Hetero" contest, to take place on Feb. 4. Crouse has been an outspoken advocate for traditional marriage, and hosts a talk show on Worcester station WVNE 760AM.

Now whether or not this is an effective ploy, we'll leave to others to decide. But why can't Pastor Tom have a little fun, while also pointing out the absurdity of such events as "gay games" or "gay pride days"? Consider the "Gay Games 2006" coming this summer to Chicago. Special hotel deals, promises of great social opportunities with one's fellow athletes.

The American Family Association reported Dec. 8:

"Massachusetts Pastor has Contest for Mr. Straight"
In reaction to Gay Promotions, like Mr. Gay International, this one will find Mr. Hetero. The homosexual community has flooding the marketplace with products and opportunities exclusively for gays and lesbians. Now a talk show host in Massachusetts is turning the tables. Tom Crouse, pastor of Holland Congregational Church and host of the radio program “Engaging Your World” is launching a “contest” to name the most heterosexual guy in Massachusetts.

“We’re just looking for tolerance for heterosexuals.” Someone should stand up for heterosexuality, someone should stand up and celebrate how God’s made us and I said, ‘I’m gonna!’, so I think I’ll have a Mr. Heterosexual Contest!”

[Crouse wrote on his blog back in November:]
The goal is to bring the celebration of God' design to the forefront. To hopefully give Christians some courage, to see unbelievers come to Christ and to glorify God. And finally isn't it time that heterosexuals were shown some tolerance?

His event has apparently bubbled up to LGBT internet awareness, then on to regional newspapers (Springfield Republican). Even readers have been spreading rumors about the sexual identity of the pastor! Go after the messenger if you can't deal with the message...