Friday, December 23, 2005

Religious Jews and Christmas Displays

On the MassResistance radio show this weekend on WTTT 1150AM (Sat. 10 a.m. and Sun. 7 p.m.), we discuss the "war on Christmas", especially as it's playing out here in Massachusetts. On the show, Attorney Chester Darling speaks about Lexington's ban of the creche back in 2000, an early and important case on the national scene.

Interesting that so many of the warriors (including the ACLU) who are trying to shut down Christmas (and public religion in general) are non-religious Jews. Their politics have become their religion, it seems.

Here's an article circulating on the web which addresses this phenonmenon: "A Religious Jew Who Loves Christmas", by Irwin N. Graulich (posted on, a good news & commentary site). Excerpts:

I am a deeply committed, religious Jew who simply loves Christmas. In fact, any Jew or non Christian who gets "offended" because 90% of Americans make such a public splash about their most important holiday is a selfish pig.

The incredible connection between American Christianity and Judaism is a deep one, resulting in the Judeo-Christian moral code upon which all of Western morality is based. It was the greatest Jewish thinker in history, Maimonides, who said that while Jews brought the Bible/Torah into the world, it is Christians who spread the idea of one moral God to much of mankind.

Let me say clearly that a crèche on a public or private lawn is a very beautiful sight. It means that people have gone to the trouble of sharing lovely visuals from their religion with all of America, expressing the beauty of their heritage and its spiritual message to humanity.

Jews, secularists, atheists, et. al. who are critical of these "public displays" obviously have not thought the issue through very clearly. If these groups do not believe in Christianity, why would they be offended? For nonbelievers, the nativity scene should be as relevant as flamingos on a lawn. So what is the big deal?...