Thursday, December 08, 2005

Vatican Clamps Down on Mass. Adoptions by S-S Couples

In a spate of articles in the Boston Herald, the scandal at Catholic Charities is still front and center. In addition to the controversy over Boston Mayor Menino being honored at their annual dinner, now Catholic Charities is again in trouble -- this time with the Vatican -- over its placement of adopted children with same-sex couples.

Today's Herald has two articles on the dispute between faithful Catholics and the dissidents running some of their institutions:

"Catholic cross purposes: Church tries to help, but torn by beliefs, laws" (Dec. 8). Note the implication that efforts to "help" are hindered by old-fashioned beliefs. This article includes the Church's stand against "emergency contraception" drugs and gay activist activities at Catholic Boston College as examples of good things blocked by the traditionalists.

"Agency’s adoption efforts could be squashed" (Dec. 8) rehashes the story from yesterday's Herald (Dec. 7): "Church takes aim at same-sex adoptions:Letter urges Hub archbishop to end Catholic Charities connection"

A top church official in Washington is urging Archbishop Sean P. O'Malley tostop Catholic Charities of Boston from brokering adoptions unless same-sexcouples are excluded, a source close to the hierarchy in the capital told the Herald. The recommendation was contained in a letter sent recently from the officeof Archbishop Gabriel Montalvo Higuera, the papal nuncio, the source said oncondition of anonymity.

The archdiocese, asked about the letter, issued a statement saying, "As amatter of course, the archdiocese does not comment on any privatecommunications it might receive from the Holy See."

"The dioceses of Massachusetts are currently reviewing the issue of CatholicCharities having facilitated adoptions for same-sex couples," the statementcontinues. "The bishops expect to receive a recommendation concerning this matter early in the New Year."