Sunday, December 04, 2005

Level of Discourse, Part III

Some may still wonder why MassResistance doesn't post comments. Or why we don't broadcast our name and personal information. Or why we only recently posted -- as an experiment -- a way to email us.

Well, the events of the past month have confirmed our hunch in the worst way. Hate emails, a home break in, stolen credit cards... There is simply no rational communication with the extremist queer activists. They are angry, they act outside of the law, and they speak the devil's language.

Here is a recent communication to MassResistance's email. Typical of their level of discourse:

You f***ing c*nt, why don't you just shrivel up and die?
The world will be a better place without your hate & lies.
Ryan P******

Ryan, we wish you well. That's why we're withholding your name, email, etc.