Thursday, December 29, 2005

MassEquality Setting Up Charges of "Fraud"

MassEquality (the queer activist group "defending marriage equality") is busy setting up charges of fraud and "stolen signatures" on the marriage petition. They're descending on the Secretary of State's office through the first weeks of January looking high and low, in the hopes of casting doubt on the integrity of the whole process. (The queer activists also plan to challenge the referendum in court.)

They sent out an email on Dec. 22 trolling for charges of fraud -- and the responses will help them portray that there are real instances. Obviously, all they had to do was send their minions out to sign the petitions (knowing full well what they were signing), and later charge they were duped by the signature gatherer.

Now there could very well have been some unethical paid signature gatherers out to make the extra buck, but couldn't there also be some greater fraud being perpetrated here by MassEquality? Here's their recent email:

From: Marc Solomon, MassEquality Political Director
Sent: Thursday, December 22, 2005
Subject: Your signature may have been stolen
Please Read, Take Action and Forward

Dear [Supporter],

Your signature may have been stolen. Find out now!

Opponents of marriage equality have gone too far. In their efforts to collect signatures on a petition that would take away marriage equality, they hired an out-of-state firm that paid out-of-state signature collectors a dollar for each signature they collected. Over the past few months, hundreds of reports of fraud and deception conducted by these paid signature collectors have poured in from across the Commonwealth.

See if you are a victim. Just click below to search for your name on the
anti-gay petition, and you will receive instructions about what to do next if your name appears. No one has the right to steal your signature or to trick you out of it.

Time is of the essence. Check here now.

Anyone could be a victim. Even if you don't remember or are sure you did not sign a petition, please check to make sure your name is not listed among those who support a constitutional amendment barring marriage for gay and lesbian couples. One witness, a former signature-collector, observed paid signature-gatherers forging signatures! She estimates that thousands of citizens were tricked into signing through the use of deceptive tactics.

We need your help to expose the full scale of this deception. Click here now to see if your signature was stolen. If you have questions, call our Report Hotline (617) 878-2332 or email:

We need your help in other important ways as well. Spread the word. Forward this email to friends and family. We have a very short time-frame for conducting our review, so we need to spread the word quickly.

Volunteer. We need dozens of volunteers between December 22nd and January 10th to help us uncover fraud and search through signatures at the Secretary of State's office. Volunteers are needed days, evenings and weekends.

Donating even a few hours of your time can make a critical difference. Sign up by clicking here and we will send you more information. For more details, contact Jesse Sullivan at or call 617-878-2352.

Thank you for taking this seriously. Nothing less than the integrity of our democracy in Massachusetts is at stake.

Marc Solomon, Political Director